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Yo so ok here we go. This guy is the leader of the Demons in Devilman TV version. He was in the Himalayas for years and send Deviman to cause damage to da urth to pave the way for a daemon invasion. When Devilman fell in love with Miki Makimura and ditched his mission, Zanin sent various demons after him each week to both get rid of da humans and beat Devilman.

He's voiced by Kousei Tomita whos awesome and voiced Daemon Abashiri in Abashiri Family (whicvh was awesome and cool), Master in Black Jack (Which I heard of), Geruge in Devilman TV (Which was pretty good). Doraemon in the 70s Doraemon (I heard of it but never saw), Dr. Satome in Getter Robo(which I haven't got into yet), Danbei Hayami in pretty much every Cutie Honey series(curvy nude honey!!) Dr. Hell in CB Chara Go Nagai World (which was fun and cool) and Mazinkaiser (which was bada55), Dr. Hell, Great General of Darkness and Nuke in Mazinger Z(classic super robo entertainment), Pluto/Charon Pokémon Generations(whih fits his daemon roles), Danbei Makiba, Gandal and Nuke in UFO Robo Grendizer (the gt of Mazinger), and the emperor/narrator in Voltron (Which was cool)

Devilman AnimeEdit

In Episode 1 he ends Devilman, Rerasu and Daruni to slag the humans in the area, fight to the death, take their bodies and go f up da urth in the human body they killed. After Reijiro Fudo‏‎ an Akira Fudo are killed, Devilman kills Rerasu and Daruni easily. Zanin gives him the info on Akiras life (how did he know it??) and sends him to spread chaos. Devilman falls for Miki and gets softer so He sends Henka to see wtf happened. After Henka nearly slags the Makimura's, Akira sides against the demons and thus begins the adventures of Devilman.

Mazinger Z Vs. DevilmanEdit

Zanin Devilman Vs Mazinger Z Split in 2

Well, That's the end of him!!

In here Dr. Hell and his hench-hermaphrodite Baron Ashura follow Sirene to the Himalaya Mountains, were the rest of the tribe is frozen. Hell helps to free some of the demons and holds em off with a raygun when they try to ice him. He makes a demon deal with Zanin to help them defeat their enemy, Devilman, if they will help him defeat Mazinger. He sends Bugo to deal with Koji Kabuto and other monters to face DM and MZ. They capture Devilman, crucify him and torture him(Just like with the Mel Gibson film about Good Friday but less holy) but Mazinger Z saves him and they team up to f butt. He gets cut in 2 across the aist by the Scrander and his halves fall to the earth. Pretty sre hes dead.

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