Yuu brain

Yuu is the kid. The living brain is his mommy.

A character from Violence Jack who is related to a cyborg. He is a Japanese boy and his mother was lost during an earthquake but her brain was put in a robot by scientists and became Iron Kaiser. Later, Yuu is sleeping and Kid Jack comes to him (causing Yuu to see a giant demony thing) and after Yuu wakes up, they go to a resturant to eat. Later, when Iron Kaiser attacks the town where and Yuu are and Yuu runs away. After a long walk through a wasteland, he was at a town and went to a beach with Megu. At the beach, Iron Kaiser appeared and killed alot of people with her deth rays(which she also used to cut off the clothes of Megu) as well as zaping a horn on to Yuu's head. Later, the Slum King catches Yuu and brings him to a big hole cave in the ground as a trap for Iron Kaiser. King puts Yuu in the hole and Kaiser follows/chases after Yuu. The scientists who made her try to control her to kill Yuu but Yuu escapes with only flesh wounds in action hero places (arm/leg). Suddenly, the cave caves in on itself like Stewie thought happened to Peter in the episode where Chris was trying to lose weight but because of all the damage from the laser fire instead of it becoming too massive. After the cave in, she was missing her right arm and Yuu stabbed her in the eye (but he didn't know it was his mom and SHE was trying to kill him so he is nicer than Stewie) and dumped a huge rock on her (this sounds like Tom and Jerry but its not meant to be funny) and she gains weight control of her body back. After he removed the horn somehow, she talks with Yuu but Yuu walks away, causing Kaiser to go berserk, smash out of the cave and causes the control station with the scientists to explode. She then goes to fight the Slum King and puts up a good fight despite having only 1 arm and the Slum King being able to take laser blasts to the armor without effect(besides getting pushed pack). In the end, Yuu accepts her as his mother and she gets sliced up and explodes. Somehow, her head survived the explosion and the brain crawls over to Yuu and gives him his mother's love(it may be symbolic of her final wish). The chapter ends with Yuu giving his mommy a hug(even though she is just a brain).

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