Jiro Shutendo and Yusuke Shiratori Shuten Doji OAV 2

Which Go Nagai Character Looks Like Him?! Place Bets Now! Banzai!!

He;s the big bro (oh nii saaan) of Miyuki Shiratori from Shutendoji He makes more appearences in the manga. In the anime he bites it in da fight against Jawanbokikai‏ and his homies. I haven't read more of the manga. In the anime he's pretty bada55 though. If Miyuki and Jiro Shutendo breed I hope their kid gets Yusuke's coolness for Shuten Doji GX.

He's voiced by Shigeru Nakahara who was Jenkins in Bondage Queen Kate (What next? 50 shaids of butt hammering??), Kagero in The Brave Police J-Decker (Cool), Yu in Cream Lemon eps 7 and 12 (That too is a p0rn0e), Hiroki Koizumi in Dark Cat(I hear I'd like that), Android 17 in DBZ DBGT and DB Super(that last one s-cked), Pernod in King of Bandits Jing, Teacher Chip in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!(F--kin no!! Go back to p0rn0!!), Trowa Barton in Gundam Wing(Heavyarms was cool but Duo was my fave!), Yomi in Riki-Oh OAV 1 (Bada55 but he's played by a chick in the Live Action movie), Ichiro in Shin Cream Lemon(Moar P0arnoe), Gerald in The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (Imagine him b0ning Dana!), Rebin in Tekkaman Blade (I think my busty bimbo gf likes dat), Basketball guy in Urotsukidoji 1(More horror than p0rn0 but still got big d0ngz), Kurata in Violence Jack Evil Town (Kinda p0rn0), Tokikage in Variable Geo (Almost p0rb0) and Youko Kurama in YuYu Hakusho (The pretty boy that all the chix wanna b0ne).

In da dub he's voiced by Gary Dehan aka Lipkowitz wjo was Space Nobunaga in Black Lion, Godayu Toda, Musashi's Lookout and Sajuro Date in Ninja Resurrection, Demon Priest and Ketsumei Dolt in Shutendoji, Metal Sonic in the Sonic The Hedgehog OAVs and Washio in Variable Geo.

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