Yurimaru split

Man alot of Go Nagai characters get split in 2.

Yurimaru alive

He has grey hair!?!??!

A Human male from Black Lion who is friends with Shishimaru Tenoh. He looks up to Shishimaru and sees him as something he can't be due to the difference in their skill levels. He also sees that Shishimaru is the only one who can beat Ginnai (like Shuu sees that Kenshiro is the only one who can beat Souther).He follows Shishimaru around and helps him in a plan to kill Ginnai Doma to avenge Oyu and the other clansmen that Ginnai killed. In the plan, Yurimaru burns Barley and as Ginnai Doma walks through the smoke Yurimaru puts some marajuana in the fire to make Ginnai see illusions that Shishimaru will use to kill him. Ginnai sees through the illusion somehow and chases Shishimaru to the second part of the trap, an oily bamboo place where Shishimaru uses his ninja magic to light up the oil and cook Ginnai. But Ginnai survives and attacks Shishimaru and cuts Yurimaru in half after Shishimaru dodges since he was near and helped Shishimaru or something.

In the Anime he was voiced by Naoki Tatsuta who also was Asura in Valis III, Karran in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, Oolong in Dbz, Hige Godzilla in Kama Sutra‏‎(a p0rn0), Escargoon in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!(that one really s-cked! I'd rather he did P0RM0! oh wait... HE DID!), so Senpachi IN Ninja Resurrection (which was pretty f'd up), Crow Jamian in Saint Seiya, Fireflight; Hun-Grrr (ep 25); Mindwipe; Prowl in Transformers: The Headmasters and Bonapart/Napoleon in Yugioh GX. Man, he played a lotta fat f--ks!!

In the dub he's voiced by Greg Dorchak who was Hitchhiker in Las Vegas Serial Killer, Tanaka in My Dear Marie, Mukai in Adventures of Kotetsu and Bart in Longmire.

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