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In the manga her t-ts were more realistic sized. I prefer the anime!

Yukiko hime roly poly by juacoproductionsarts-d9qkvlm

Don't worry, in the end she said she enjoyed it.

Yukiko is a Yukionna from the Enma-Kun series. She's usually the love interest/lust object of Enma. Her powers are ice based and she is either a loli or a mature miIf depending on the series. In the Enpi-chan manga she is replaced by Yukihige who gets b0ned in the a55 a lot.

70s anime/mangaEdit

She's voiced by Sumie Sakai who was also Enma's mom in Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up‏‎ and Miki Makimura in the 70s anime of Devilman.

2000s srs anime oavEdit

Demon Prince Emna Anime

From light and cheerful to dark and grim. Its just like most kids shows turned movies

In here she's voiced by Saeko Chiba who was Birdy Cephon Altera in Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Dokuro Chan in Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan(Hot), Nina Einstein in Code Geass(GAY??), Sayuki Manaka in Duel Masters, Fei Shinruu in Gravion Zwei(Sexay Mizuki Tachibana!!), Momo Adachi in Peach Girl (I read the manga. Its good), Rubi Tojo in Rosario + Vampire(Hot?), Corona and Spirit Oracle in Spider Riders (Dat theme song!), Chika Itoh in Strawberry Marshmallow(dat pedo anime) and Akina Nanamura in UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie.

2010s silly animeEdit

Dororon Enma-kun Meramera 05 Yukiko Uncovered

Don't worry. Its not Pedo. She's like centuries old or w/e.

Yukiko Roly Poly

Your expansion only makes me more aroused!

Here she hangs out with Harumi Fudo and has various weird and sexy encounters. She fights some tentacle monster, gets breast expansion, turns Roly Poly, fights various yokai that are fun and weird. In the end she's part of a war with Heaven and fights Kekko Honey before Enma's blaze head thing goes off and everyone starts b0ning.

Despite being a lust object, Yukiko is seen to still enjoy some of her predicaments. For example, she clearly enjoyed her new gigantic breasts and wanted the demon to sting her again, and she admitted that she wanted to be a roly-poly forever.

In here she's played by Mamiko Noto who was Sayoko Mishima in Ah! My Goddess, Karen Minamino in AiKa (hot), Alice in Bakugan (The best chick), Pyravian in Bakugan Battle Planet (Gay!!!), Masane Amaha in WitchBlade(Thicc!!), Oshizu in To Love-Ru (Hot), Ana Coppola in Strawberry Marshmallow (For all you pedoes), Angol Moa in Sgt Frog (More Pedo Anime), Oichi in Sengoku Basara, Tomoe in Queen's Blade (Not p0rnn0 but not far off), Narrator in Please tell me! Galko-chan (Nice! Sexay Galko Bimbo!), Natsuko Aki in New Cutey Honey ep 9 (wasn't that a voice only Christmas thing?), Nodoka Miyazaki in Negima!, Katsuyu in Naruto (Ninja Ball Z!!), Norainu Chissoku in Kamher (Gay!!!), Rin in Inuyasha (Totally not like the kid in Hokuto no Ken!), Yukako Yamagishi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable(Hokuto no ken is better), Aya Toujou in Ichigo 100%, Kalluto Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter 2011, Momoko "Momochie" Momozono in Godannar (Hot!), Sofia Sakharov in Future Card Buddyfight (Which isant even as good as Vangard which is less than Yugioh), Mavis Vermilion in Fairy Tale, Yuka in Elfen Lied and Nanami Namita in Demon Prince Enma.



Enma was right. Commando!!


Boss battle!

In here she is a mature wo man who goes around commando. She works with Enma and Kapaeru and they go after Violence Jack (Character). She goes after the younger Jack and turns into some lizard yokai. She catches and mo lests him with a weird puppy thing of Jack going after her open groin(WTF Go Nagai)( until the Female Jack (who was just b0ned by a big a55 kappa) comes in and shanks her in the back. Yukiko turns into some long thing and penetrates Jack through her uterus (which was probably full of kappa j-zz). We don't see what happens next but big Jack slaggs Enma crow and the remaining Jacks return to him as Golden Birds. wtf happened?!

She (or atleast a look a like) is seen as one of the bathers in the bath house in New Cutey Honey OVA 8.


  • Theres a chance she was named after the GF from the 1960 Japanese horror film Jigoku. Also is her daughter Harumi and both bite it and wind up in Hell. Other characters possibly named after the movie may include Sachiko and Shiro Kabuto. It's also got Enma-Daio‏‎ but that might be just cuz its in Jigoku.

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