Yukihige manga

Don't worry. Yukihige's wiener isn't that big

Yukihige is the male version of Yukiko chan in the manga about Enpi-chan. He looks just like Goemon Abashiri but worse. He also lusts after Enpi(who doesn't???) ohh and he's usually the butt of many jokes. often j-rkin off and taking a dump at the sane time while standing in front of everyone, or getting b0ned by something (in the 1st chapter a bear sodomizes him as he whines about getting hemorrhoids). hes a snow demon but not evil, just lusty and f'd.

In Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up he shows up at the end of Ep 12 where Enpi says her show is coming next.
EnpiChan and her Manga Homies In the 2010s Anime

Too Hot For TV!!

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