Ken Ishikawa, Go Nagai & Hiroshi Koenji (circa 1975)

Yasutaka Nagai (right) along with his brother Go (center) and Ken Ishikawa (left) as they appeared in the printed volumes of Shinrei Tantei Occult Dan

Yasutaka Nagai (永井泰宇, ながい やすたか), is one of the elder brothers of Nagai and the one who helped him the most to start his career as a mangaka. Yasutaka's real name is Baku Nagai (永井博, ながい ばく). He also uses the alias Hiroshi Koenji (高円寺博).

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Yasutaka was born Shanghai, China, in March 10, 1941. His family was still living there because of the war and they wouldn't return to Japan until a little before Go was born.

He would become a novelist, Manga author and scenario writer. He started his career since young. In 1969 he was a candidate for the Ranpo Edogawa prize for his novel Baptism of Blood (鮮血のバプテスマ), being Seiichi Morimura the winner of that year.

After Go decided to become a mangaka, he helped him out with his first manga works, including what would be Go's breakthrough in the manga world, Satsujinsha, a story about a sci-fi ninja (which at the time was merely an amateur work that didn't have a title and which would be the prototype of Black Lion), which would in turn call the attention of Shotaro Ishinomori and that would be the beginning of Go Nagai's career.

When Go and his brothers founded Dynamic Production, he abandoned his activities as a writer for a time in order to manage the company. He would re-debut as a writer in 1981 with the novel Shin Devilman (真・デビルマン) (not to be confused with the manga of similar name where he also collaborated).

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