X Bomber
A Bow Wow LP of X Bomber
TV series information
Kanji Xボンバー
Romaji x bonba^
Other names Star Fleet (uk)
Type Live-action
Genre Sci-fi, Fantasy, Tokusatsu
Studio Cosmo Productions, Dynamic Planning, Jin Productions
Network Fuji TV
Director Rikuo Mikami (main), Akira Takahashi (art), Noriyasu Ogami
Writer Keisuke Fujikawa
Music BOW WOW, Kazutaka Tasaki, Nobuyuki Sakuraba
Other network
Original run 1980-10-04 ~ 1981-03-28

X Bomber, better known in English speaking countries as Star Fleet, is a live-action series created by Go Nagai. It is better described as Star Wars ala Jerry Anderson, as this is a a cross between Getter Robo and Star Wars made with puppets as the stars. While not particulary successful in Japan, it was a big hit in the land of King Arthur, where it mangaed to have an English version's theme song composed by Paul Bliss of The Moody Blues, and said them was later covered by Queen member Brian May and Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen, released under the name of the Star Fleet Project.

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