A Fan of go nagai and enjoyer of his works and contributions to anime

after seeing the transformers wiki and how a wiki can be fun and informative, i thought i otta make one.

i decided on go nagai since everything else was done and a violence jack/cutey honey wiki wouldnt have enough info to justify being a wiki

im semi new to the wiki thing but i git a youtube account on which i do anime videos and i also enjoy yugioh/digimon/pokemon/mon colle knights/beyblade and other fads.

i hope to make a cutey honey abridged series one day if i can get the dvds from this guy i know.

and some other stuff too like... ive had dreams of being violence jack/cutey honey/devilman/devil lady. not asperations but real dreams. the kind you get while sleeping.

i also play yugioh/pokemon(blue/crystal/emerald/(in the future)platnium) And have a youtube account about anime

My Youtoob Page

me c(r)os(s)playing as Violence Jack

And for those of you with pokemon, battle video no.:24-20775-95524 is me winning barley at the battle factory epic style comeback xD

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