Trench Town

Its like Haiti! But more Japanese people.

Trench Town is a slum in an area ruled by Harlem Bomber in the oav Violence Jack Harlem Bomber. It has a bar where Sabu and the guy who raised him lived. One day Violence Jack (Character) came by and Rose investigated and whipped the guy who owned Sabu (update! his name is Yamaguchi)for not being helpful enuff. Jack was there but wasn't when Rose came by. Later, Laser wanted to burn down Trech Town to get Jack. Harlem Bomber gave consent (unlike the chicks he had) and they torched the place! The slum bums in trench town fought back but got slagged. Esp Sabu. He went to see his om in Heaven(unless he wasn't baptized). After t town was burned down, Laser went Tourette's and Jack came out and butchered everyone. Kenichi took on Jack and shanked his eye. But Jack is too bada55 to let a knife in the eye slow him down and... let Kenichi live (don't worry, he kills Ken later)

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