Toby Evil Town

At least he lasted longer that Kinichi.

Toby is a hairless malcontent from Violence Jack Evil Town who was part of Section B. He has no hair and almost mo eyes(they never open, like brock in pokemon)In the Manga UK dub he's got either a cockney or Australian accent for no reason. He wears a beret, kneepads a red top, pants and a vest. holy cr-p he looks kinda like joey jeremiah from degrassi jr high. vest, beret, hairless(in next gen).

What he doesEdit

After the great Kanto quake he and other groups were sealed in a mall that sunk underground. He and the others in section B started b0ning the women. Later they formed Cliques and he joined Section B since he loves partying and b0ning.

When Violence Jack was released, He Wasp and some Aids attack Section A. He swears at jack and mocks him despite jack being freekin 9 feet tall!! Jack slags him by stepping on him after kicking the motorcycle hes riding into the air. He begged for his life as jack crushed him underfoot. The other 2 run home and Aids is nearly killed by Mad Saulus but Blue saves him. Later the sections meet at a free market (swap and trade) and Saulus is p-ssed at jack for wasting his man and bustin a motorcycle. Jack replies "I didn't realize, it smelled as though i'd stepped in some dogsh-t. (sniff sniff) but you guys smell like dat 2!"

He doesn't really show up in the manga but a guy who looks nothing like him has the same end but w/o insulting jack and getting kicked into a wall
Jack04 340

Too bad he didn't bust and spill put all over the place

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