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Beat by kids! its like me at Yugioh! except these kids aint blind!

So the dragon is the Slum Kings sup[er force he sends in when he wants someone taken care of. Its a big buncha homies on horses in samurai stuff and they are ruthless and srs. After Ryu Takuma caused Slum King issues he sent the Dragon after em but many were slagged by being pushed off a cliff by a bulldozer shoving busted cars and cr-p. So Slum King said to say it was Violence Jack (Character) to save face instead of saying a kid beat his best boys. They later attack El Dorado to get the gold but Jack (who just got really f'd up by a bazooka duel and cr-p) slagged some of em. Someone add da rest of the times they did cr-p homie. Blicketee Black!

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