Takamatsu Eviltown Headshot

To quote freeza in DBZ, Pop goes da wea sle!

Takamatsu is a dude from Violence Jack Evil Townwho was in the building that sunk into the ground and became Evil Town. He wears dark shirt with RI KI on it and blue pants

Hes voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto who was also Double in Mega Man X 4, Shishimaru in Black Lion, Kyoshiro in La Blue Girl EX, Rentan in Delinquent in Drag, Triblades in Dinozaurs, Nobita's dad in Doraemon, Dick Saucer in Dragon Half(Don't trust him Mink!!), Stoner in Eureka Seven, Setsuna no Takemaruin InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler, Anubis in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Ryu Aikawa in Kama Sutra, Osamu in Kimera (a hermaphrodite Yaoi!!), Noriyasu Seta in Love Hina, Daizaburō "Eddie" Ban in Mad Bull 34( Holy F!! I loved that cr-p!!), Virtual Hacker in New Cutey Honey OVA 2, Wakamatsu in Riki-Oh OVA (Lol he was a nerd), Gourry Gabriev in Slayers(and he was Dick Saucer too! Oh Lina!! better go yuri with Naga!!), Knuckles I Sonic the movie OVA (he's gonna drg and b0ne rouge!!) and Takeaki Kiryū and Buju in Urotsukidoji (That's a tentacle p0rnoh!!)

what he does

When it looked like they weren't going live long underground he (and the rest of the men) started raping the supermodels who would later become Section C (I the anime he f'd Mary). After Section C split off, Section A and Section B lived for six months underground. He helped dig Violence Jack out of a stone wall. When Section B shows up at the free market, they talk until Section C shows up and reveals that the men of Section A and just as bad as the bikers of Section B so Jack joins Section C. Later, Mad Saulus and his gang start killing off Section A along with the leader of Section A so as to show his joining of Mad Saulus (in the anime he also killed (Sudo and an unarmed Takamatsu). In the anime Takamatsu talks for a bit after getting his head busted as Shou Aikawa likes doing that like in Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past and Genocyber.

He don't really appear in the manga. Like, At all.

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