Taihei Shibaki With Violence Jack Drinking a Beer In Evil Town

Who can drink more? Violence Jack? Or Andre the Giant??

Jack04 349

He looks more normal in here

Yo diss dude iz da mayor of Section A‏‎ in Evil Town. After da quake trapped everyone in a mall he and the other men b0ned da chix cuz they thought they wouldn't last long. Turnz out, they had enuff supplies to last. So the people split in2 Section A‏‎(da men) Section B (da purvoz) and Section C(da chix). Sectionz A/C were digging out and A found Violence Jack (Character). After he saved them from some bikers from B, Jack met Taihei Shibaki who made like da media and told a version of what happened that made him look good. He offered Jack beer and meat and Jack joined em homiez blicketee black! At a free market swap and meet, Sections A and B met and C showed up and outed da men as purvoz and Jack joins C Section. Later C finds a way out and B slags A (with Kawamori capping Taihei Shibaki and sending him straight to Hell (but he joins him later.
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I'll see you in Hell Kawamori! We both know we're going there!

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