Taihei Shibaki With Violence Jack Drinking a Beer In Evil Town

Who can drink more? Violence Jack? Or Andre the Giant??

Jack04 349

He looks more normal in here

Yo diss dude iz da mayor of Section A‏‎ in Evil Town. After da quake trapped everyone in a mall he and the other men b0ned da chix cuz they thought they wouldn't last long. Turnz out, they had enuff supplies to last. So the people split in2 Section A‏‎(da men) Section B (da purvoz) and Section C(da chix). Sectionz A/C were digging out and A found Violence Jack (Character). After he saved them from some bikers from B, Jack met Taihei Shibaki who made like da media and told a version of what happened that made him look good. He offered Jack beer and meat and Jack joined em homiez blicketee black! At a free market swap and meet, Sections A and B met and C showed up and outed da men as purvoz and Jack joins C Section. Later C finds a way out and B slags A (with Kawamori capping Taihei Shibaki and sending him straight to Hell (but he joins him later.
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I'll see you in Hell Kawamori! We both know we're going there!

He was voiced by Masashi Hirose who was Mobston in One Piece Z(like it wasn't enuff a rip off of DBZ?!), Shireikan in Slayers, Jimushi in the Tv ninja Scroll, Saburota in Black Lion, Stinger in Getter Robo Armageddon, Ryusen in Sword for Truth(A cr-ppier ninja scoll and black lion), Tha in that 80s Jungle Book Anime, Yamaguchi in Violence Jack Harlem Bomber, Kanta's dad in My Neighbor totoro(And he b0ned all those chicks in Violence Jack!!), Syncam Personnel Managar in LILY C.A.T(Which was quite good), Rikishiman in Kinnikuman and Ramba Ral in Mobile Suit Gundam stuff.

In the dub he's voiced by Garrick Hagon under the name Fred Myers and he was Red 3 in Star Wars episode 04 A New Hope, Denver Reporter in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cnn reporter in Mission: Impossible(those faeggits lie of everything!!), Telegraph Operator in Balto, Nagumo in Tokyo Babylon(At least eh wasn't Nagumo in Urotsukidoji! That was the guy from Pokémon!!), Hemulen in Moomin, Sadist in Cyber City Oedo 808 (P-ss c-mming from my a555555), Imura in Sword For Truth, Kevin and Nickle in Mad Bull 34(what did I tell ja, dat BLACK guy there is Curtis!!), Kuwata in Angel Cop(your just p-ssing in the wind! NO! we're P-SSING all over YOU!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!), someones dad in Batman by Tim burton(the good one!!), Goemon in Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo the manga uk dub, Lieutenant Rafferty in A Bridge Too Far and U.S.S. Wayne Crewman in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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