Shuten Doji Cover

In the series she don't wear that bra(we see her B0000000BZZ!!)

Shutendōji (手天童子? Shutendōji), also written Shutendouji or Shuten Doji and also known as Legend of Shutendoji, is a science fantasy violent p0rn0 Japanese manga series created by Go Nagai which combines elements from Japanese folklore with science fiction. An OVA series was released beginning in 1989 and ending in 1991, for a total of 4 episodes. The manga was a serialized series from September 5, 1976 to April 30, 1978 in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine by Kodansha.


k so its the 70s and these 2 virgins are having a Japanese wedding. then these big a55 Oni bust through space and time and da blue one wastes the other one. In its mouth is a baby which it gives to the virgin couple and da oni sez in 15 years hes taking it back. They name it Jiro Shutendo as its based on Shutendoji and the priest sez they otta give it a demon name. Shuten Doji means "Drinking child" but they spell it different to say "Heaven Hand child" since alcohol don't go well with kids(unless ur European and ur dad lets you have some wine with dinner). sO THE KID HAS WEIRD POWERS AND (f, caps lock) the dad gets into research into finding out about the Oni. 15 years later: weird oni cr-p happensd, lading to a space/time/dimensional adventure(Space/time/dimension?! Dialga, Palkia and Giratina!!) Btw theres a lot of sexy nude scenes of Miyuki Shiratori. She gets nude in every OVA and has many nude scenes in the manga. She;s got a nice bod though.

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