Shakty is a sexy chick from Kama Sutra who helps Ryu Aikawa learn the Kama Sutra and other things. she's the assistant to Dr. Aikawa and helps him with his sexy research.

Yakko Indy Kama Sutra OVA

Note: This came before Animaniacs

What she doesEdit


Shakty Kama Sutra OVA

Dat look!

So Dr Takeshi Aikawa gets Surya from the ice of the himelayas and his assistant Shakty is there. and some midget or kid called Indy Yakko. so after most of the ice is removed from Surya they gotta use the secks cup to mix spurm and woman fluids and it glows. Ryu pours the goo on her mouth to revive her. Later Ryu is practicing Kendo and Shakty throws him a donut. He puts it in his mouth instead of putting his footlong in it for some weird reason and Surya is taken into town. Shakty then is gonna teach Ryu the Kama Sutra in the bath to make him worthy for Suyra. but pinches his parts. After Surya is caught the get a note I cant read that tells em to go somewhere with the secks cup. on the train Rudracin meets em in disguise and takes Shakty to see Surya. she's safe and try has Hige Godzilla arrested by cops who followed. Rudracin pulls a knife and fights Ryu but ryu beats his a55. the cops come in and then this huge a55 snake shows up outside like a freekin Castlevania boss and Rudracin rides it and captures Ryu into the ocean. 2 days later Surya wakes up as she was asleep for some reason and Yukari Tsuji is there too. she don't do much for the rest of the anime.


Was she in this? If so: Someone do this. Its got b0ning though.

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