Hoop earing and killer dreads? Some kind of race reference?

Seylos (セーロス, Serosu, Selos, Saylos) is a high-ranking Demon in command of a small army of Demons. He appears only in the Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman OVA as a minor antagonist.

Leading an attack on the Devilman Army, Yumi runs back to tell Akira Fudo for reinforcement. Using Yumi as a trap Seylos and his army ambushes Akira, Yumi, and Miko. 

SS Seylos Army. (And you thought Nazis were bad!)

Amon takes over and annihilates his small army. After killing his own men for their cowardice, Seylos expresses his desire to fight Amon. Leading away from the massacre Seylos and Amon battle it out in the city throwing trains, and slicing through buildings. Seylos goes in to finish Amon, but has his wrists crushed, and his body impaled by Amon's fist.

In the anime he's played by Kazuki Yao who did Pastha in Angelique (its a male harem anime), Nam Shurugi in Birth, Gaston in the Berserk Movies, Zamielmon in Digimon Fusion, Lieutenant Yoki in FMA, Smith Toren in Gunbuster, Kouichiro Iketani in Initial D (I got a D for ya!), Judau Ashta in ZZ Gundam, Liger in Monster Rancher, Franky, Jango, Mr. 2, Bon Kurei (Bon Clay), Sogeking Imposter in One Piece, Fei Long in Street Fighter II V, Bunshichi Tawara in Tenjho Tenge (hot) and Pluie in Wedding Peach (sexay!)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Seylos appears as a light blue skinned humanoid with long, ankle length type dreadlocks and solid red eyes. He has two black, curved markings under his eyes and two gold earrings (one on each ear lobe). The sides of his mouth are exposed, revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth. His torso is covered by what appears to be a white, bonelike armor. He also possesses a light blue tail with dark blue tips at the end.

Debiru Kataaa!!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

It slices, it dices, it makes Julian Fries!

  • Devil Cutter
Using glowing beams of energy Seylos can swing his arms and cut through rocks, other Demons, and entire buildings.
  • Flight
Even without the use of wings Seylos can fly and keep pace with Amon.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Fisting".

Background[edit | edit source]

Seylos may have been derived from the name of an asteroid (Seelos) that was discovered at Haleakala in 1996.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Seylos' shares some qualities with the infamous science fiction film monster Predator. Both posses long dreadlocks and both were known to relentlessly pursue their targets while killing those who stood in its path.
  • Seylos anatomy also resembles the Sci Fi horror creature the Xenomorph from the "Alien" franchise.
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