Scarlet claw and cobalt claw re ova 2

I otta show this to my pedo friends(not that I have pedo friends (shifty eyes))

Scarlet Claw is a little b--ch loli from Re: Cutey Honey who f's with Honey Kisaragi over a few oavs.


What she doesEdit


In Re: Cutey Honey she's voiced by Hiromi Konno who was some ltiile f-ggitz in beyblade season 01(the good beyblade), Matilda in beyblade g revolution, Akira Kogami in Lucky Star, Yui in beyblade metal fight, lunamon in Digimon fusion, flapper in one piece, cus in dragonball super(gt is better) and Hualin, Luna, Girl 2 in Character Creation mode in soulcalibur III

In Cutey Honey Live Action film she was played by Hairi Katagiri who was Dr. Touko Ayano in ultraman dyna and had a part in shin Godzilla

in the dub she's voiced by Erica Schroeder/bella Hudson who was Wobbuffet and Meloetta and nurse joy in Pokémon, Melissa Trail / Ray Akaba in Yugioh Arc V(the gay series), Cathy Katherine in Yugioh Zexal (The good Yugioh), Akiza Izinski / Rally Dawson / John in Yugioh 5Ds(The good Yugioh), Wave the Swallow / Blaze the Cat in Sonic(Most were good), Baroness in G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 (Sorta cool), Mai and Dark Magician Girl in Yugioh(Not the good Mai. The substitute), Sarina / Camula / Fonda Fontaine in Yugioh GX(I liked it but it killed off a lot of Yugioh fans), Wasabi in Thumb Wrestling Federation: TWF (I liked it), Monkey D Luffy in the 4kids dub(Which was more fun than the funi dub), Matilda Matisse / Lyserg Diesel in Shaman King(Which had good metroidvania games on gba), Bridget Verdant / Mew Bridget in Mew Mew Power (Which I saw a bit of and liked), Yoshi in Getter Robo Armageddon, Swan White in King of Braves Gaogaigar(Who was a curvy blonde), and Momo iin the CPM Dub of Outlanders(Which was cool)

Re: Cutie Honey OVA 1Edit

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Re: Cutie Honey OVA 2Edit

Scarlet claw bites it re honey ova 2

Was she a virgin? Not anymore!!

in here she helps Cobalt Claw get away from Honey. she threatens the city and starts taking hostages and getting them nude until Honey shows up. Honey fights Cobalt Claw and Scarlet Claw wastes Cobalt Claw and Cobalts nanomachines infect honey and make her go f'd. After Natsuko Aki saves honey WITH HER NUDE BODY. Honey returns and slags Scarlet. Scarlet tries to go nano machines on honey but honey uses some weird sci fi thing to negate and destroy it. That's the end of her

Cutie Honey(Live Action Film)Edit

Scarlet Claw Live Action

Robo Geisha?

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