Saeko Yagami was a apanese reporter from Jushin Liger who helps out sometimes

Anime[edit | edit source]

The ultimate choice! Her or April O'Neil??

She's voiced by Kayoko Fujii who was Kayura's mother in Ronin Warriors, Kana Misaki in Case Closed, Secretary in Dirty Pair: Project Eden, Emary Ounce in ZZ Gundam and Fa's Mother; Maniti Mandena; Rosamia Badam in Z Gundam

Manga[edit | edit source]

Dat 80s babe!

so it starts with Ken Taiga going to school w/o books as he read em all, flipping a chicks skirt to see her undies with Goro Dan, then a big a55 space thing comes over the school! Saeko Yugami reports as it busts sh-t and opens its mouth to release Dragonite Atlas and Gran who bust the school and the military trys to fight but gets busted and kills Yuki. Later Ryu Dollk comes out in Dorga, the Bio Armor of the bad guys and Ken Digivolves Liger stronger, but its then telling Goro the story and Saeko comes by and se Grandpa was an Archelogist who found out of an ancient evil and worked to stop it. also the empire is the descendants of Drago and are gonna f da urth up. Later Ryuu goes to face Ken and they battle in their mechs as the chicks Yui Kamishiro and Mai Kamishiro realize Ryuu is their bro. Just as the fight is aboot to get srs, Saeko and the chicks come over and reveal Ryuu is their bro and a part of their clan. At the same time, new improved bad mechs are dispatched and F Tokyo like a Godzilla movie. Ryuu is confused and Liger uses Begaruda to whiz to Tokyo but its f'd. He gets f'd a but but Ryuu comes in and fights with his a55. Then Drago revives and a Golden Bird comes outta nowhere and fuses with Liger to Digivolve him further and he creams the improved mechs. Zara fuses with the rock like Sirene in Devilman vs Getter Robo and Liger slices this big a55 skull ship thing open and it slams a55 into the rock and stops it.

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