Violence Jack Harlem BomberEdit

Sabu shot

Why is the shots yellow?!?!?!!??


I got like no character development.

Some kid who lives in a bar in the slum Trench Town. He recognizes Violence Jack and his Parent/guardian Yamaguchi tells him to tell Slum King that Jack is at his place but he refuses since his grampa said that Jack fights for weak people like him. His Parent/guardian tells him that they'll get wacked if they don't tell them that Jack was with them and he goes off to tell them off screen. When Rose and friends get there, Jack is gone and She whips Sabu's Parent/guardian and leaves as Sabu hides behind a wall but in a doorway. When trench town is under attack by Laser he realizes that its Jack's presence that makes everyone go nuts. And then...he died... from getting shot up by a machine gun. Before he went to Jigoku Tengoku he says that Jack is a death angel and that at least he can be with his mommy again. And then...he died. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

He was voiced by Mayumi Tanaka who was Krillin and Yajirobe in dbz, Daiga Ken; Ken Taiga in Jushin Liger, Monkey D Luffy in One Piece, Kanna Kirishima in Sakura Wars, Daniel Witwicky in Transformers the Movie and Ryuunosuke Fujinami in Urusei Yatsura

In the dub she's played by Barbara Barnes who was Mrs. Leidner / Mrs Lester in Poirot, Anchor in New Dominion Tank Police(which I saw a bit of in the 90s), News Anchor in Patlabor 2 (which I hear is Good), Nene in Bubblegum Cash(Which I heard is good and otta see), Nobuko in Roujin Z(Like, Mazinger Z?) Young Sawa in Rumik World: Mermaid Forest, Nanase in Judge (Which I think was good), Lisa in A Wind Named Amnesia (From the director of p0rn0es like Ninja Scoll and Wicked City), Barfly / Jackie in Mad Bull 34(Mondo Cool), Aila Mu in Violence Jack Evil Town, Jun in Violence Jack Hell's Wind (Those were made when Anime was cool!!), Akiko Makimura in Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene (Blood and t-ts!!), Peace and Freya in Angel Cop(Bada55!!) and Scoop / Student / Tech in Project AKo (which I hear is good)


Here he (I never saw Groizer-X. someone who has fill it in)

In here he was voiced by Kazuko Sawada who was also Junpei Hayami in Cutey Honey, Lala in Devilman TV, Shiro Kabuto in Mazinger Z and Kobanzame (ep 9); Shishimai (ep 25); Toragozen (ep 25) in Dororon Enma-kun.

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