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That's pretty f'd up

So hes like some wiener kid at the start of Violence Jack but over time grows stronger and manlier like a Yugioh hero(except dat candy a55 yuya) until hes a real man and leads a great force against the Slum King in the final chapters.

Violence Jack MangaEdit

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his sister was pretty hot. I can see some unwholesome dojinshi being made of this...


if he can turn that manly, theres hope even for yuya from arc v(not really, he s-cked)

At da start hes a wiener like shinji from evangelion but not a total f-ggit. he depends on his fam for everything. then the earthquake hit and everyone died. he and his sister Yuri Takuma live for a while as she hides food in her undies but then a mountain erupts as a volcano and she uses her body as a shield from the hot rocks and burns up. Ryu eventually finds his crew, including a little comic relief kid Bunta, but one day while getting his a55 kicked, Violence Jack (Character) shows up and helps. theres a back and forth of Jack helping him and leaving him to fight his own cr-p which leads to some kids biting it but jack saves em, only to incur the wrath of the slum king(that's a pretty good write words). he gets his droogs to dump the slum king's dragon forces off a cliff with bulldozers and car parts. rather than let people know a kid iced his best troops, slum king lets em off and sez to say jack iced em

later Ryu takuma and his homies help jack get the gold from Eldorado and bury it. he gives a good speech about how ur rents wanting you tu go 2 a good school is like them saying u should get better jobs and better food than others

more to be added

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit


back when they were cute and marketable

In CB Chara Go Nagai World OVA 3 After the ship Ghoul is destroyed by Mazinger Z and Satan, Baron Ashura and Jinmen land on Violence Jack World and meet up with Bunta and Ryu Takuma. After Koji Kabuto and they make a spacecraft out of Mazinger Z, Belgas V5 and Ghoul they return to their home world. during their trip they feed Jinmen bugs and the bugs appear on his back. so they wanna feed him sh-t

In here he was voiced by Tatsuya MATSUDA who was also Hiromi in Hit and Run, D'Artagnan in Anime Sanjushi, Ryohei Sumi in Future GPX Cyber Formula and Gus in Madō King Granzort. No I never seen any of em either

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