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The main character in “Demon Lord Dante”. He is a distant cousin of Koji Kabuto and Akira Fudo, so don't be surprised if they do look similar in any way; he also becomes a Devilman with Mao Dante.

He was voiced by Susumu Chiba who also played Seiji Hayami in Cutey Honey F, Sai Fujiwara in Hikaru No Go, Kyo Misumi in Kotetsu Shin Jeeg, Deoxys 1 in Pokémon Destiny Deoxys, Mach in Yugioh ZeXaL, Leon Toros; Sebastian in Zoids and Jetfire/ Rampage in Transformers armada.

In the dub he;s done by Jimmy Keegan who was Henry Bigg in The Littles, Geppei in Magical Meow Meow Taruto and Otako 2 in Stratos 4.

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