Chains, whips, lesbians, its just like Yugioh.

A lesbian from Violence Jack Harlem Bomber who works for Harlem Bomber and wears chains like Mr. T. She captures/trains girls to be butt lust slaves and sell them in towns run by the Slum King. She wears a partial mask for some unexplained reason and uses a whip with thorns to fight others and train her butt lust slaves. After she captures Yumi and Mari, Violence Jack flashes past the truck, causing it to swerve and tip over and the girls to escape. She goes after them but they escape since Jack wacks her men. She reports to Harlem Bomber that she thinks it was the dude that Slum King is looking for. Later, she goes to check out a Jack sighting and finds that Jack isn`t there so she whips the bar owner Yamaguchi and has her men search the place again. Somehow, she finds Yumi and Mari and whips them. She takes them back to the castle/lust slave training center and shows Yumi and Mari men in speedos whiping/doing implied X rated things to women(don't worry. It was still images(sometimes)). Rose tells Yumi and Mari that they will be trained to be butt lust slaves and will be sold in the Slum King`s towns. Then she tells them that she will give them her... special training and then things to Yumi after getting her nude off camera and making Mari watch. Then, as she is about to things to Mari after getting her nude off camera, Kenichi busts in and wacks her speedo men guards(wow that sounded wrong). He says he is taking the girls but she does not let him and whips him. Kenichi uses a chair to catch her whip and as she pulls it, he lets go so it flies over her head! Kenichi then kicks her down and is about to ice her but Mari stops him and Kenichi, Mari and Yumi go down an elevator after getting dressed off camera. She disregards Mari`s mercy and puts out a wanted thing on them over the P.A.! Later, Yumi rats out the ones who helped her and Rose says they will be executed but Harlem Bomber gives Ken a chance to win freedom by wacking Jack! After trench town is totaled and Jack gets in the castle, she is running from Jack and when she reaches the end of the line, trys to whip Jack. Jack slices the whip with his 40cm jack knife and chucks a drum at her and her men! Her men open fire and the drum turns out to have gasoline in it and it blows up and kills her and her men. Her mask flies out of the castle/lust slave training center as Kenichi arrives.
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