Rerasu Devilman Ep 01

Its like if Piccolo fused with a Chicken

Resasu is a Demon from Devilman who shows up in 1 episode and bites it a few mins in

In Episode 1 Zanin sends Devilman, Rerasu and Daruni to slag the humans in the area, fight to the death, take their bodies and go f up da urth in the human body they killed. After Reijiro Fudo‏‎ and Akira Fudo are killed, Devilman kills Rerasu and Daruni easily. Zanin gives him the info on Akiras life (how did he know it??) and sends him to spread chaos. Rerasu attacks Devilman with an Icicle like a dagger but gets knocked back by DEVIL WING and falls on the icicle right into his eye and he bites it. They could never show that in a kids show in America. But in 1970s japan? Its kosher

He was voiced by the great Ichiro Nagai who was also Alphonse and Zool In Devilman TV, Dr. Kasuminome in Baoh, The Chief in Dominion Tank Police, Karin/Whiskers the Wonder Cat and crain hermit in Dragon Ball, Dr. Tachibana in Getter Robo Go, General Julicaesar‏‎ in ep 33 of Great Mazinger, Isaac Netero in Hunter X Hunter, Tahei Hiraga in Master Keaton, Doujin in Ninja Scroll, Happosai in Ranma 1/2, Cherry in Urusei Yatsura, Guiseppe Maiyart in Wicked City (that was almost a p0rn0e) and D's left hand in Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (that really sounds like a p0rn0)

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