Is it me or does she remind you of Hinata from Naruto?

She is a female ninja who is soft spoken and not very confident fighting immortal samurai. She is in love with Shishimaru Tenoh and tries to save him from Ginnai Doma at the start of Black Lion and is killed by him.

She was voiced by Yuri Amano(Not the Wedding Peach Babe) who was also Momoko Ishiyama in All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Yukiko Shirane in Abashiri Family, Kate in Bondage Queen Kate, Nanbel in Burn Up, Kawai Kawai/Iczelion Silver in Iczelion, Mary in In The Beginning - The Bible Stories, Alcione in Magic Knight Rayearth, Holy cr-p she did Rain Mikamura in Mobile Fighter G Gundam!! Hot!! Gold Digger in New Cutey Honey OVA 8, Birdy and CeleCele in Sailor Moon, Kiyone Makibi in Tenchi Muyo, Makiko Nagi in Tenjho Tenge, Princess Elise and Naria in Escaflowne, some chick in some Violence Jack oav and Keiko Yukimura in Yu Yu Hakusho,

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