Osamu Evil Town

Eat rat get fat.

Some fat kid from Violence Jack who lives in Section A He hangs out with other kids and eats cockroaches and rats. He wears a UWF shirt that's too small for his lardo bod and cut off mini shorts and shoes with white and blue striped socks. He's got a squinty eyed p0rky face and not long hair. Despite being in a caved in mall for 6 months, he's still pretty fat. Either he was super obese before or he's stealing supplies to stay tubbed. Or maybe he just eats the dead. Knowing Go Nagai, I wouldn't put it past him.


He was a little fata55 kid who was in the building that sunk into the ground and became Evil Town. After Jack took out that guy from Section B the kids of Section A were eating cockroaches. Then He comes in with rats and holds em over the kids heads as they crowd around him. Wait... Underground city? f'd up future? Eating rats? did Demolition Man with Stallone rip this off?! Then Kawamori shoews em Jack and Osamu sez jack is bigger than Mad Saulus. After Jack joins Section C Mad Saulus and his gang start killing off Section A and Tom Cat slices up the kids with a blade. Osamu gets his whole head taken off as he runs to fight off the 80s lesbian. The other kids get it right after him. You know, he wasn't too bad a character. Better than piggy from Lord of the Flies. That wiener s-cked a55!! Oh and he's not in the manga. There are no kids there. Although the section A guys might be f--king the kids as there's no chicks.

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