Kikunosuke's mom

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Omitsu Abashiri is a chick from Abashiri Family and Daemon Abashiri's 3rd wife. she bit it years before the 1st oav began. In Abashiri Family:OAV 1 Daemon says they are here to rob the bank and its his wife Omitsu Abashiri's 10th anniversery (but its just a coincidence) and as promised in his wifes will that he's gonna tell their familys greatest secret. Also he reveals that Omitsu wanted Kikunosuke to become a women when she turns 16(not like, getting f'd, but by acting like she is instead of faking being a boy). In Abashiri Family:OAV 2 Daemon has a flashback to after she pooped out Kikunosuke Abashiri and says she wonders how many Kikunosuke will have to waste, and its ok 4 men 2 kill but not chix. Also women cant live as men (which on tumbler might trigger some purvurt). she pities Kikunosuke for her future life and wishes Kikunosuke wasnt born a girl. Good this she didn't kill her in the womb. Kikunosuke went on to be happy... eventually.

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