Mondo Fuckman

Saotome Mondo was a student who committed countless atrocities far beyond the law, recognized as the leader of "Fangs of God" an organization of radical guerrillas. He's the protagonist in Volume 3 with the second protagonist Tatsuma Mido(long known partner of crime) at his side. Both being the two heads in their gang has successfully outbroke and terrorized the government around Japan, it wasn't until long that the Fangs of God's hideout was discovered and all the members except Mondo and Tatsuma died. Which both tried to escape with new identities but were soon later captured by officers. Soon they would be executed however the misfortune of the Hellquake struck. Months later after the calamity, Mondo and Tatsuma still in prison made an escape to seek the freedom of what lies beyond outside..which they soon find out about being a barren wasteland. With this outlook, Mondo believed that he can control the whole Kanto Region and turn it into an empire of his own. Soon reaching Kanto, Mondo and Tatsuma meet Violence Jack. As they both lose the fight against him, Jack states that they're both not worthy to stay in the lands of Kanto and forces them to go through an illusion of hell. Also sending them back from the mid journey to Kanto, soon it sparks Mondo to see what kind of monsters were truly roaming around Kanto while Tatsuma follows his path.

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