If this were Devilman:The Birth Ryo would say some gay head pun like "heads us" or "way to stay AHEAD"


The mean old teacher of Saint Chapel. She's not well liked, due to her strict ways. At the beginning of the series Miharu-san hates Honey Kisaragi, but near the end she grows more respect for her. After the fall of Saint Chapel, Miharu goes to work at Paradise School. Her nickname is "Histora" or "Histler", which is a pun on the words Histeria (Hisu) and Hitler (Hitoraa) creating Hisutora. In the manga she is killed when the school is destroyed by Panther Claw

In here she's voiced by Nobuyo Tsuda (who was born in 1921!!) who also voiced Panther Zora in Cutey honey, Zoldoba in Devilman, Hara Haranto in UFO Robo Grendizer, Obaba in Dororon Enma-kun‏‎ Ep 13, Fortune Teller in Hokuto No Ken and Hǔ Fenglíng in Crying Freeman.

Cutey Honey F[edit | edit source]

If she's in here, someone who saw it fill this out

At least she looks better than in the manga

In here she's voiced by Shizuka Okohira who was Babaman in Digimon Season 3 (cr-p!!), Binbionba in Fighting Foodons (Cr-p but not as cr-p as season 3), Majo Matsu in Magical DoReMi(Another 4kids show??), Semire Ryuaki in Prince of Tennis(Which I heard of but never saw), Omime in Rurouni Kenshin (I thought it was cool) and Bronks mom in Yugioh Zexal (The best show on the list but her character was gross).

Cutie Honey Universe[edit | edit source]

What kinda school did Go Nagai have that inspired him for all these SM Teachers? Wait... Do I want to know??

She's da superintendent of the school and whips students as punishment like some kinda SM Nazi. Unaware of Honey's alter ego as a super heroine, she often ends up punishing Natsuko Aki whenever Honey is called away on a mission against Panther Claw. Like most of the others, she is killed during Panther Claw's assault on Saint Chapel.

In here she's done by Yu Kobayashi who was Chousen in Ikki Tousen(sexay!!), Kazahana Aja in Gundam Seed Astray, Setsuna Sakurazaki in Negima!, Dan Kuso in Bakugan (Awww h-ll no!), Daphne in Fairy Tale, Cathy Catherine in Yugioh ZeXaL (Not bad but Anna's better), Sasha Braus in Attack on Titan and Wakiya Komurasaki in Beyblade Burst(Burst by Butt!!(I meant My but I think it still fits))

In the dub shes done by Susan Koozin who was Octo Panther‏‎ in Cutie Honey Universe, Bell Wing in Mardock Scramble and Game Show Contestant (ep 4), Housewife, Kishimoto's Mother and Main Gold Statue in Gantz

Cameoes[edit | edit source]

Pochi, Histler and Kapaeru? Never thought they'd be together!

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