Grandma Asuke Iron Virgin Jun Anime

My great Grandma was like 4'6 too.

the Minor Protagonist from Iron Virgin Jun who was a late mother of Maki Asuka and Her Unnamed First Daughter. Mei Asuka is a grandmother of Jun Asuka who gives Her a present necklace to gives a Powers.

Synopsis Edit


Before Her death, She is alive in a Manga where She can be found to open the doors during the arguments of Jun and Her mother, She angrily disciples Her first daughter that Her grandniece needs to get out of there. She had been upset that Mei Asuka wildy scolds Her about Her daughter.


Spirit Iron Virgin Jun Anime

Like Ghost Dad but with a crotch on the head.

Grandma Asuke Iron Virgin Jun Dead Anime

Just like that Yugioh Card with Skull Servent as a Buddhist by a tree.

She can be found in a Flashback where Mei gives her Grandniece, Jun a necklaces to gives Her strength. She remembers Her grandmother's memories when She was young, Kurata Ohnami knows Her to leaves Her problem alone before the Thugs tries to tortures Her in any slights.

After Jun beats Her own Mother up, Mei Asuka's lifeless souls rampages and turns Her first daughter into a Zombie to takes down Her in any slights. Jun's Dad cannot eliminate Her, but Kurata finishes Her where Jun defeats Her mother. Her grave was now Defeated by Jun, Her father and Kurata.

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