No, Sedusa from Power Puff Girls ripped THIS off!

Medusa is a Demon from Demon Lord Dante who is the gf of Ryo Utsugi AKA Mao Dante.


By day she’s Saeko Kodai, a famous supermodel, but by night she is a powerful demon with the ability control her hair like it’s alive and dresses like she’s from Witchblade. (read: basically naked)

Used to be Dante’s main bitch way back in Sadom a million years ago, but the modern day Dante only has eyes for his crazy stacked 15yo human little sister, and she ends up dying a cuck. I’m sure he still tapped that devil-pussy but he was thinking about his underage sister's fat ass while he did it.

When Dante’s new squeeze (his sister Saori) is kidnapped by Lamia the half spider member of the four demon kings with the intent on bearing Lamia’s child Is (Lamia a futa? How does she impregnate all these girls?) by sucking Saori through a laptop into the title screen of Castlevania she’s perfectly willing to sacrifice herself to replace Saori showing how she’s a proud cuck who just wants her boyfriend to be happy with his new bae, but not happy with this Ryo/Dante shows up by wishing really hard that he was there and rescues his ex girlfriend, because he's having second thoughts about banging his sister.


Ryo picked his sister over this? What a nerd!

In order to revive Satan who was trapped in an alternate dimension Medusa entered against her allies warnings and got tripled teamed by some bara horsemen until eventually all 4 of them died, but it’s fine Satan came back with his army of completely useless jobbers to help fight god’s secret weapon Adam and Eve, even though none of them seem any stronger than Medusa was so this seems like a really bad idea in the long run.

She was voiced by Rie Ishizuka who was Seiryu Tenmyoin in Angel Blade (A p0rn0 where girls have wieners), Yoko Sawaki in Case Closed, Momomi Momoi in Mezzo Forte (Wasn't daT A p0rn0ee?), Ahiru Takamizawa in tis centuries ver of Tetsujin 28, Mimi in Urotsukidoji: New Saga (Moar p0rb0e) Mani in Strange Dawn and Sayoko in Shangri-La.

In the dub she's done by Linda Borg who was only in this and Sarasa Wichita in Gunparade March.



She looks a bit like Sayaka and Miyuki... ummm... the chick from shutendoji.

In here, Thousands of years ago, an evil space alien calling itself God attacked the people of Sodom by using His Psychic powers to kill and revive em over and over again as punishment for them not letting him use their bodies. The people's hatred for God allowed them to absorb the energy and evolve into Demons. Dante tried to fight God with a jet fighter, but it was caught by a Pteranodon, which was caught by a Dinosaur, which was then zapped by God's energy, which fused em together by Dante's hatred. God then used power to make the atmosphere rain on Gomorrah and flood the people out. He fought against God but had his body sealed in the Himalayas, and his soul sent into the future to be reborn as a human. Years later, Ryo Utsugi becomes Mao Dante and slags Zenon. Later Medusa reveals Ryo his past about them being demons and Humans actually being apes infected with God's ectoplasm that made them evolve into the humans that rule da urth. Oh and she was zapped by God's psychic power and became Medusa. After Ryo learns about his past from Medusa and decides to fight God to win back da urth. They're last seen on a mountain summoning demons. Man that's sacrilegious. Good thing Christians don't kill people for fiction. Or sue em for outing our secrets.

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