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Remember, only 1 makes it out alive (and its the one showing off the most b00b)

Mary was a chick from Violence Jack Evil Town. She was probably a fashion model or s0mething and was pretty sexy under her 80s style outfit (until she got f'd dead). She wears a red/blue tracksuit with "NJ LPW" on the back (sometimes)and has not long dark hair

What she didEdit

She gets stuck in Evil Town after the quake and joined with Section A to avoid being raped by Section B. Then Section A drugged raped her. So the curvy 80s models broke off and started their own group: Section C(not to be confused with a C-section) where they survived until Section A dug up Violence Jack. after Section B had a swap and meet, Mary and the other models showed up and outed Section A as beasts with human masks, which made Jack switch to their side. After Jack freed them from the rock prison, Section B attacked Section A and then moved on to Section C. She fights em with Rikki but isn't as buff or good at fighting so the guys start making out with her neck until Rikki saves her. After getting away, Rikki says someone has to stay behind to old em back so Mary decided to stay as the other chix escape until Jack arrives (then they'll catch up). Later, as Jack is running to save Section C he finds her corpse all blood soaked and with a metal pole in the crotch and a xxx mag in her mouth (which is already pretty f'd up but even Jack is kinda disturbed by this)(btw, this wasn't in the manga so its done by Genocyber/Urotsukidoji screenwriter Shou Aikawa(what a sick F)).

She was voiced by Miho Yoshida who was Midori Anzai in Angel pf Darkness (a p0rn0), Dancer (ep 13); Florist (ep 22); Receptionist (ep 19) in The Big O(which sounds like p0rn0), Yaku and Miss Aoba in La Blue Girl (p0rn0), Sakura Akiyama in The Black Mail II - The Animation(m0ar p0rm oe_) Miyuki, Raru and Yukino in Demon Beast Resurrection (yet another p0rn0e), Queen Neina in Dragon Knight (is she a p0rn0 actress?), Ilya in Dragon Rider (yep, p0rn0) Miyuki Gōtokuji (ep 1a); Tomomi Bishū (ep 3) in Dream Hunter REM (Not p0rb0 but has babes), Yayoi Ogawa in F3 (p0rn-oh), Ursyla in Fencer of Minerva (p0rn0), OL in Golden Boy (hot and not xxx), Reporter in Kama Sutra (which actually isn't a p0rn0), Woman in Level C(a yaoi!!) a h00ker in Mad Bull 34 OAV 1, Priestess in Metal Fighter Miku, Micael in Monster Rancher (these aint xxx!!), someone in Boku no Hero Academia Seuxal harassment(thas gay yaoi p0rn0)(remember the corn cob?!), Miho Nomoto in The Mystery of Nonomura Hospital (is it p0rn0? YES!!), Dr. Manami in Rei Rei (ggender p0rn0) and Loraine in Spider Riders (a kids show)

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