Lloyd Zimmerman Iced

He's been(Shades)... ICED!! (Yeaaaaaaahhhhh!!)

He;s a sorta normal looking dude in the future on a space thing. he shows up in Shutendoji OVA 3. He's got face hair and is traned in firearms. He gets it in a pretty bada55 way

what he doesEdit

In here he encounters Jiro Shutendo in space after Iron Kaiser goes on a mission. Jiro saves him and the crew. They talk with Jiro and find out his dealio. Persis Mohammed finds out hes made of energy or photons or w/e and denies him human rights but Sonia Castello helps him. Later when they are scanning Jiro's memories, Kaiser's Oni memories interlope and show horrible Oni cr-p. Kaiser awakens and attempts to kill Jiro. The captain sends her men after him but Kaiser is armed with a HYPER-BAZOOKA!! and blows them apart. Its revealed he was the kid of Jawanbokikai. His memories are then shown in a hologram room that his dad was fighting Jiro to show his kid his fighting style and Jiro's killing him was bad for some reason. Jiro fights him in the cryogenic room (where he kills defenceless sleeping innocent people) and in the hanger Lloyd Zimmerman gets blasted with cryo gas and Kaiser busts his frozen a55. He crumbles to wet dust but gets nuked when the ship blows. And then... He died... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

He's played by Nobuo Tanaka wjo was Sosai X In Gatchaman, Dio Brando in the OAV Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure, Gorban in Y's OAV and Barol in Legend of Lemnear(That chick was hot!)(80s hot!!)

In the dub he's voiced by Charlie Canpbell who was Marou in Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma, Oyama and Raiko Minamoto in Shutendoji, Demons and workers in Devil Hunter Yohko(hot), Lan Asuka's dad and Prime Minister in Devil Lady, Leader X in Gatcchaman, Creature Sounds in Getter Robo Armageddon, AW F--K!! he was in Ki Me Ra!! That chick was a hermaphrodite!!, Gran Torino in Boku No Hero Academia(GAYYY???), Senpachi Iso in Ninja Resurrection (B--chin!), Keiichiro Koibuchi in Princess Jellyfish, Jawanbokikai and Oyama in ShutenDoji, Girugameash in The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk, Akira Tamano in Wedding Peach(Wasn't he the dink who tried to b0ne momoko?), Wlexander Boydd in EUREKA SEVEN AO (AO? Like, Adults Only? So that's how Talho got Pregnant!!), Yuri!!! on Ice (How Queer!), Dr. Hamilcar Barcas in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor, Chairman in Prison School (Don't drop da soap!!) and Octopus Seller in Variable Geo (Hot!!)

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