Linda Violence Jack Evil Town

That outfit is weird. But not as weird as Lady Gaga.

Linda was a female model that was an anime only character in Violence Jack Evil Town. When the earthquake hit Japan, she and many others were trapped underground. She joined Section A for protection, however the men desperate and believing no help would come, drugged the women and raped them.

After their traumatic experience the models left and created their own faction, Section C under the leadership of Aila Mu. She joined the rest of the women in escaping their underground prison after Violence Jack punched a way for them. However the gang from Section B caught up to the models. Linda attempted to run, her clothes ripped by the pursuing men, but was pounced on the ground by Wasp, who proceeded to fondle her breasts before raping her.

Linda was saved by Jack who slaughtered the men and was seen gathering around the giant amongst the other victims.

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