A dude who works under Harlem Bomber. He suggests that they report the Jack sighting to the Slum King but Harlem Bomber says since it was only one man that they can handle it(spoiler...THEY CAN'T. but that was easy to see). Later he tells Kenichi that he(Ken) was late and complains that sending all those yakuza/biker gang members to get one dude is useless and stoopid(Chuck norris was one man and look at him). He leads an attack on Trench Town(it was his idea too) to make Jack come out(not like lance bass but like...the other come out) and gets mad when he can't find Violence Jack (and seems to have a bit of tourettes in the dub). Suddenly, Jack rips out of the ground and Laser's men open fire and kinda nail each other. He gets mad at them for getting scared and then screams in terror as Violence Jack violently Jack knifes him in the head and yanks it out(spraying blood like a sprinkler or a hose). Yeah he didn't do much.
Laser jacked

His eyes remind me of Brock from Pokemon!

He was voiced by Issei Futumata who was also Joker in Violence Jack Hell's Wind‏‎, Chibi in Urusei Yatsura, Yusaku Godai in Maison Ikkoku, Dekai Babaa in Fist of the North Star and Ohtaki-senpai in Ah My Goddess.

Its worse than tourettes guy. Atleast T-guy made some sense and didn't just say random swear words.

Violence Jack makes an entrance

Violence Jack makes an entrance

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