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A female from Devil Lady who is an important character. She is based off of Ryo Asuka and is a love interest to Jun Fudo.

Anime[edit | edit source]

Lan Asuka is the woman who scouted Jun for the Human Alliance, and is a high-ranking government official. She is a cold, aggressive, and manipulative woman, who cares nothing for the people who work for her (sounds familiar?). When she forces Jun to confront the devil beast Wolver, she has no concern for Jun's survival; her theory that Jun is a devil beast is based only on a hunch. As the series progresses, however, even though she is cruel to Jun, she cares about Jun's safety. She seems to have different intentions from her organization and does a great deal of work without their knowledge. She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States to an American mother and a Japanese father. Later on, she rapes Jun and gets some mysterious power. In the final episode, Lan's revealed to be the child of God, and she appears all over the world to make everyone accept that fact. Jun rebels and fights her, but gets her wings and arms sliced off. She still beats Lan as she slices her in half along the waist, and Lan explodes.

In the English dub, she was voiced by Sian Rees-Cleland, who was Kami Mura in Dai-Guard and a character in Sakura Wars 2.

Manga[edit | edit source]

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Cutie Honey vs Devilman Lady[edit | edit source]

Lan's hmmph at the Angel Comment is telling

In here Jun starts out taking out a demon beast that grabs her right b00b and turns back to human forme , only for Lan Asuka to say the next one is headed for the Saint Chapel‏‎ School. So she goes in as a new teacher there to replace Ms Alphonne. When chatting with Lan about Honey-Chan she sez Honey Kisaragi is pure and clean and innocent like an Angel (Like in Violence Jack???). Lan sez Angels may be a type of Devil Beast (f--kin what?!) and teleports away. Later Jun fights the monster Ichigo Koyama(Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew MewMew Mew Power?! That would be a weird twist!) and gets her big b00bs slashed and her thicc a55 bit. Jun shankss her throat wiith her tail and as the monster runs, the guys who hunt devil beats coome out and shred her with gunfire of bullets with enzyme that turns em back to human as Lan had a vision of the beast mode chick escaping there. It turns back to Ichigo and Lan sez they gotta dispose of her (Like the qween did tp daiana?) and Jun has more to do here as theres more demon beasts at the school. After word spreads of Ichigo going to study abroad (On a grand tour of Hell I assume) Lan chats with jun about Panther Claw and Cutey Honey and the head of PC is a Female Daemon. Jun hears the PC are cyborgs with cells from the leader implanted in them and it sounds unreal (Yeah cuz your demon fighting group is totally normal) and that when Honey transforms, there's a light, which she figgerz out is Honey as the light was right b4 Honey showed up.

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