Kozo Makimura was the dad of Miki Makimura and Tare Makimura and the husband of Akiko Makimura. He cares for her fam and Akira Fudo when he comes to live with them. Usually he gets slagged at or near the end of the series. He used to fight but now that he's a grown up he wishes he fought more when he could. also he has a rifle as in the 70s Japan wasn't as gay about that like soviet Canada and Australia and New Sodom I mean Zealand. The Candy a55 countries!!

70s TV VersionEdit

Makimura Rents Devilman 70s Anime

As this is the 70s you can assume they were in WW2. Take that China! Hirohito Yo Eien Ni!

In here he's a good dad and husband and sometimes has issues with Demons. She survives this cuz its made b4 Go Nagai went all massacre ending in his stuff(Although Harenchi Gakuen had that too so...)

in here he's played by Taimei Suzuki who was Kubota in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex(I liked that. Its like Law and Order meets Blade Runner), Bokuseno in InuYasha(I liked it as a teen but it does NOT hold up!), Juzo Kabuto in Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen (b--chin!!), Kaizer in Pokémon (Back when it was GOOD!!), and Yan in Zone of the Enders (Which I loved the GBA game of).

Manga verEdit

Makimura family Devilman Manga

Spoiler; this don't end well!

In here he's a good dad who cares for his fam and has good times. until the demons slagged em. Actually, it as the humans who feared demons more than being monsters themselves who killed em thinking they were bad guys. so its Antifa? punch a Nazi? punch a daemon? anyway he gets ground up and his eye popped and tells Akira to go back to protect Miki. And then... He died... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

80s OAV VersionEdit

Makimura family Devilman Demon Bird OVA 2

I wasn't intending to get this shot. but its too perfect.

In here he gets caught by the Demons and sealed in the wall while Akira fights Gelmer, Agwel and Sirene. She's freed after the fight by The Demon Cleaning Team or w/e so no one will know Demons are out yet

Amon OAVEdit

In Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman he is in... wait1 she wasn't in this!!

Live Action MovieEdit

In here he's called Keisuke Makimura and was played by Ryudo Uzaki who was Ootomo no Dainagon in The Tale Of Princess Kaguya and did music for the Japanese version of the masked rider; Kamen Rider!

Netflix verisonEdit

Makimura family Devilman Crybaby Photoes

Its like that Yugioh Ending song from the Japanese ver with them looking at photoes. But really f'd up!!

in here he's called Noel and is French or something and is a blonde but has a Japanese name. At least with Ryo Asuka he said his mom was a gaijin! I think he gets shredded by gunfire after seeing Tare eat his wife. that's f'd up. Plus he don't got a moustache in her! What is he?! Gay?!

In here he's voiced by Masato Obara who was Deng Ai in Dynasty Warriors, Yaiba Kamikaze in Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z(Wasn't that the one that s-cked so bad it killed the franchise?), Seinosuke in Blue Exorcist(Another daemon thing?! Is this guy into the black arts?!), Hangyomon Commande in Digimon Fusion(I liked it but everyone else didn't) and Crossbones in Marvel things.

In the dub he's voiced by Christopher Corey Smith who was Chairman and Acid Man in Mega Man 11 (I like me sum nega man), Joker in the Lego Batman games, Superman, Guardian #3 and Batcave Computer in Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe(I do like crossovers), Yuan Shao in Dynasty Warriors, Rufus in Street Fighter, King of Midland in the Berserk Movies (Does he ty to b0ne his daughter in em??), Ryo Asuka In Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman (Another Crossover), Crabmon; Devidramon; Dobermon; Dorbickmon; Examon; Gigadramon; Goblinmon (ep 7); Grademon; GrandisKuwagamon; Jijimon; Redmeramon (ep 7); SlushAngemon; Splashmon; Stingmon in Digimon Fusio, Judeau in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood(I only saw the 1st anime by the guy who did Angel Cop and Urotsukidoji), Kittan in Gurren Lagann(which I never saw), Kite in the new Hunter X Hunter(Never saw but everyone sez the 90s one was better), Ash in MÄR (Which I saw a bit of when on YTV and its sorta this century's Monster Rancher), Bright Noa in Mobile Suit Gundam and Unicorn(I only saw Seed, Wimg and some G), Spandam in One Pieve(The 4kids dub had more personality. Like Bubsy!!), Nates Dad In Yo-Kai Watch(I saw somma dat. It waz ok homie. Wiggle wiggle!), Lab Staff in New Getter Robo, Kagurazaka in Tenjho Tenge (Which had busy babes!!) and Akira Saiga and Dracyan in B-Daman CrossFire(which wasn't bad).

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