Rikki and Koyayashi Shuten Doji OVA 2

Its never a fat chick. Always a fat guy. But you wont turn me queer with it!!

Yashi Koya, better known as Koyayashi, is a fatty who is descended from Oni lineage and is destined to help Jiro Shutendo from the anime and manga Shutendoji. He is good at Sumo Wrestling and has higher than human strength.

what he doesEdit

He 1st appears helping Yusuke Shiratori and Jiro Shutendo fight off Kitani and Jawanbokikai. He knocks down Jawanbokikai with Rikki's aid and bolts when he gets back up. During the chase, Naojiro Oyama uses a grenade on him and hes not seen for most of the anime. After Kitani summons a demon and Naojiro does a kamikaze, he watches Jiro kill Kitani and his demon. At Jiro's home they talk about the cult after Jiro and explain how each of the teens introduced in Shutendoji OVA 2 are descended from families destined to defend Shutendoji but they never asked why. After Jiro's rents and Miyuki Shiratori, she gets nude and has a bath, then goes to fight and die with her homies. It is a MA18 batte, with graphic violence and occasional nudity. In the fight he gets stuck like a pig by spears or blades or w/e. And then... He died... AHHHHHHHHHHH! He's remembered in OVA 4 where the survivors recall the kids descended from Goki who bit it.

he's voiced by Joseph Anthony in the dub and I cant find who did him in japan. if you know add it here -->

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