Kotetsu jeeg anime

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This is a giant robot anime about... y'know I've never seen this. its also called Steel Jeeg, Koutetsu Jeeg and El Vengador (The Avenger) in Spanish speaking countries and is made by Go Nagai and Tatsuya Yasuda. 50 years later the events of Kotetsu Shin Jeeg happen with new stuff. Kinda like Beast wars to 80s transformers.


Hiroshi Shiba is a young car racer (who isnt speed racer) who is mortally wounded. His father Professor Shiba, a talented scientist and archaeologist, manages to restore him to life by means of a powerful relic from the ancient and mysterious Jamatai Kingdom, a bronze bell which is hidden inside Hiroshi's body and turns him unknowingly into a sort of cyborg. Yeah. That makes sense.

As the ruler of Jamatai, queen Himika, reawakens from her slumber in the underground, it is revealed that the bell is also key to the reconquest of the Earth surface. Her henchmen kill Prof. Shiba in vain pursue of the artifact, barely leaving the scientist time to upload his thought on a supercomputer at a specially built defense base(just like with Juzo Kabuto in Mazinger Z or Takeshi Kisaragi‏‎ in Cutey Honey). Anticipating the hidden menace, Professor Shiba has also prepared a giant fighting robot, Steel Jeeg, composed of interchangeable magnetic limbs and for which Hiroshi Shiba can become head and conscience(Like Demon Lord Dante). His mission is to defend modern Japan from the invaders, who also dispose of similar giant monsters (haniwa) and an army of minions. In such battles, Jeeg is also aided by a robot horse known as Panzeroid, and a fighting jet capable of shooting replacement components and specialized weapons for his body(Like the Scrander for Mazinger).

The series follows Hiroshi's character development and the underground civilization's efforts and subsequent failures to return to power causing internal civil war.


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  • Kotetsu Jeegu was the basis for the Force Commander action figure from Mego's Micronauts toy line.
  • Unlike Nagai's other robots, Jeeg toys were produced by Takara, rather than Bandai. This probably explains why it was used in the Microman line (As Takara are notorious for reusing older molds).

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