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This is a giant robot anime about... y'know I've never seen this. its also called Steel Jeeg, Koutetsu Jeeg and El Vengador (The Avenger) in Spanish speaking countries and is made by Go Nagai and Tatsuya Yasuda. 50 years later the events of Kotetsu Shin Jeeg happen with new stuff. Kinda like Beast wars to 80s transformers.

Story[edit | edit source]

Anime[edit | edit source]

Hiroshi Shiba is a young car racer (who isnt speed racer) who is mortally wounded. His father Professor Shiba, a talented scientist and archaeologist, manages to restore him to life by means of a powerful relic from the ancient and mysterious Jamatai Kingdom, a bronze bell which is hidden inside Hiroshi's body and turns him unknowingly into a sort of cyborg. Yeah. That makes sense.

As the ruler of Jamatai, Queen Himika, reawakens from her slumber in the underground, it is revealed that the bell is also key to the reconquest of the Earth surface. Her henchmen kill Prof. Shiba in vain pursue of the artifact, barely leaving the scientist time to upload his thought on a supercomputer at a specially built defense base(just like with Juzo Kabuto in Mazinger Z or Takeshi Kisaragi‏‎ in Cutey Honey). Anticipating the hidden menace, Professor Shiba has also prepared a giant fighting robot, Steel Jeeg, composed of interchangeable magnetic limbs and for which Hiroshi Shiba can become head and conscience(Like Demon Lord Dante). His mission is to defend modern Japan from the invaders, who also dispose of similar giant monsters (haniwa) and an army of minions. In such battles, Jeeg is also aided by a robot horse known as Panzeroid, and a fighting jet capable of shooting replacement components and specialized weapons for his body(Like the Scrander for Mazinger).

The series follows Hiroshi's character development and the underground civilization's efforts and subsequent failures to return to power causing internal civil war.

Manga[edit | edit source]

So at the bottom of the sea of Japan rises Queen Himika of the Jamatai kingdom to try to conquer Japan using science of another dimension after 1000 years of being asleep. She takes out Ichiro Onoda for knowing of her existence and then goes after Kirijiro Shiba. Long ago Ichiro and Shiba found a Bronze Bell with runes saying about the ancient kingdom. Now he's working on somnething and is too busy to see his son Hiroshi have a racecar thing. So Hiroshi wins and on the way home the kindgom wacks em Godfather style. Kirijiro survives and drags Hiroshi back to his lab where he makes him into a cyborg to save him and use to fight the kingdom. And then... He died... AHHHHHHHHHHH!! So Hiroshi goes out and becomes Kotetsu Jeeg and kicks the a55es of the monsters f--kin up the city. So then Queen sends Ikima to f things up and some science nerds found a stone that floats (Escaflowne ripped it off b--ch!). Also Proff Shiba had his mind copied in a computer like that guy in Batman Beyond to aid Hiroshi. Didnhn't Captain Power do that too? So TV Dad tells em about the Queen who can turn stone to life and Uzuki's brother founbd a floating stone. Ghost dad figgerz out Queen wants to wack the nerds of Japan and Hiroshi goes after em. The Stone turns into a monster and Jeeg gets there and busts it with Uzuki's help. Later, Queen sends a monster to wack Hiroshi at the race track. He survives cuz hes main chartacter and a robot and leads it away from the stands so more people dont get chiopped up. He winds up buried alive like that Pokemon thing and after Uzuki gets past an attacking monster, they bust em. But them Queen summons her Phantom Fortress Yamata No Oroshi (Is that where Susano Oh got it from?). Hiroshi is recharging on magnet waves (So he can't play game boy?) and isn't fully charged but goes out anyway. Yomaso is sent out by Ikima and is tough for Jeeg as he's at half power. so Uzuki gives him new arms and he drills Yomaso';s a55 and Ikima runs. Amaso thinks Hiroshi's weakness is love and he wont slag innocent guys. Later he saves a kid from being crushed by a truck like that kid in Pet Semetary and had a truck piece stuck to him by magnets and Japanes epeople fear him dot com. So it starts raining and people start going nuts like that movie The Crazy's and trying to ice him. He goes Jeeg and goes up in the clouds to see a new monster Giira who he fights and wastes. Later Hiroshis kid sister Mayumi Shiba meets a puppy she calls Chiko and at night it turns out to be a bad guy and does something to make dogs go mental like Cujo. Also the base is under attack. So Hiroshi slags the Chiko (Burn in h-ll furfaeg!) and the dogs go normal and he goes to save the base from Mozuru. Jeeg and Uzuki slag him with timing their attacks like in DBGT. So later Asamo sends Garuma to suck a baseball game back to h-ll where it belongs as baseball s-cked! LaTER THE bodies pop out as zombies and Hiroshi fightsd Garuma but can't do jack sh-t until Uzuki comes by and he goes Jeeg and slags him. Later Miwa has Hiroshi train tied up fighting kung fu guys and they make new partsd for Jeeg. Then Mimashi attacks and Jeeg fights him and gets f'd but Uzuki sends in the Jeeg Buckler and uses timing as his face is f'd over and slags him. Then Hiroshi does more SM training. Later Uzuki is out flying and gets caught and trapped on the Yamata No Orochi and the monster Giraru attacks. She breaks free and gets to the flying thing as Hiroshi fights in power mode (This seems a lot like GaoGaiGar) and she dodges gunfire as they shoot at her and hit her bindings. She gets to the jet and cant get out and Guwara attakcs. She disconnects the thing and sends it out in pieces and reconnects ooutside the fortress and helps Jeeg form. Jeeg fights Giraru and its got high heatr to protect itself and try tyo melt Jeeg. Jeeg uses the mach drill to cool down the temperature and crack Giragu and slag him. Later Mayumi is playing dodgeball at kindergarten and one disgruntled kid kicks the ball away as his family and village got f'd dead or w/e. Later the kindergatren is caught by the bad guys and disgruntled kid thinks Jeeg wont save em as he didn't save his vilage when it got f'd dewad by a bad guy. So Jeeg arrives and busts a lizard thing that barfs lizards but then Sabara attacks and uses the bus of kids as a shield like in Kyuryu Sentai Zyuranger! Power Rangers and beats on Jeeg. Uzuki fires a missile at the head holding the bus and Jeeg catches it then drills through the monster and saves the little c-ck suckers. Oh and the disgruntled kid thanks Jeeg and his heart ius melted. Later Queen is chopp;ing up her minions for f ing up like she's Elizabeth 1 and 2 but Amaso has a plan. At Night, 2 little wiener kids Msamoru and Ken see people being chopped up and gotta escape to the good guys base. They run into Ikima who lets em go as he has a plan to stop Jeeg and bet the base. Da next dae, the kids wake up and tell em trheir village was slagged and Jeeg goes to check it out. After Jeeg goes, Amaso sends his soldiers as kamikaze attacks at the base. Jeeg fights a monster but is recalled to save the base as the soldiers are gonna blow in it all at once. Jeeg uses his magnet power to raise the soldiers covered with iron filings but realizes its a trap and drops em so they don't blow him. Jeeg beats the monster and saves the day like he's G I Joe. Later, a meteorite slams into Japan at mt Kurogatake and makes animals spazz out and slag people. Computer Dad sez its ultrasonic waves making the animals go mental and Jeeg goes to check it oot. Meanwhile, Queen Himika senses its God who took back the Earth from her b4 and His Servant is coming. So she sends Ikima Amaso and Mimashi to deal with it. Uzuki's ship with Hiroshi crashes and they see Mimashi trying to attack the meteor that was absorbing the animals and The Messenger conmes out as a big lion thing and slags him and his troops. Jeeg fights Him and He says he's here to get rid of humans an their science. He reveals that when Humans were Apes, God controled things and gave them Wisdom but since then, they advanced too far and went after the Universe Mysteries and got cocky so God's gonna wipe em out(WTF Go Nagai! Are you some kinda Satanist or something?!) Hiroshi rebeles and fights Him but is beat down so Ikima sends a monster to help and it does a bit but gets f'd and they retreat as usual. Jeeg and Uzuki use missiles and drills that use Photon Power (f---kin what?! Is this Mazinger Z?!) and blow Him apart but His head floats up and sez God will come and wipe em out and asplodes for no reason (Better get to confession). TYhen Hiroshi (Who I wanna say Koji but thats Mazinger) has a dream of him being naked on a mountain of skulls and The Messenger saying its his future. so later, Himika is freaked out cuz God is coming with His avatar, a hugfe Dragon, and is gonna wipe out life on Earth where only the strong will survive like in the past. so she sends Amaso and Ikima to make a kingdom in Kyushu and she'll face Jeeg herself. So Hiroshi is at the amusement park with Mayumi and is worried of the end of the world. Meanwhile, Himika attacks and brainwashes a buncha soldiers and tells em to go around slagging humans (Just like with that guy who sent thast beatle to h e double england). So Hiroshi and Mayumi are watching a movie and a tank busts in and slags everyone but Hiroshi saves his sister. He comes out and Himika slags the soldiers as they are just bait to lure out Hiroshi. Uzuki comes in and he turns to Jeeg after Mayumi gets hit with rocks falling and he shreds through the monsters. He fights Himika but she uses illusions to get sneak attacks but Mayumi helps him see it. He nails Himika with her own weapon and she runs like a little b--ch. Meanwhile, in Kyushu, the people are being brain f'd into soldiers and she comes back and wants em to launch the Yamato No Orochi to finish Jeeg. they take off but get sucked into a big a55 boat with a castle on it and 5 days later, Hioshi wakes up. Turns out Ryuma has arrived and he took back Himika to rule over Earth as its god as he's been traveling the universe for thousands of years and no where else is as good at Earth (the crown jewel of the Northern Galaxy! It has what we say are, Ideal conditions, Yes!). She protests as she wants da urth but he has her sent in a cheetah monster thing that Jeeg fights and kills with the Panzeroid. Then Ryuma appears in the Sky like he's the Great General of Darkness and sez he was worshipped as God b4 but now will take on Jeeg, at some point as the manga ends there and it says Fight on Jeeg! And Protect Mankind! Totally not like with Lord Zedd coming down, taking out Rita and being the next challenge for the Power Rangers

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kotetsu Jeegu was the basis for the Force Commander action figure from Mego's Micronauts toy line.
  • Unlike Nagai's other robots, Jeeg toys were produced by Takara, rather than Bandai. This probably explains why it was used in the Microman line (As Takara are notorious for reusing older molds).
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