Kibara, wearing his ceremonial outfit and holding the speared head of one of his many victims

Kibara Crushed

Kibara, deceased after his battle with Violence Jack

Kibara is the main antagonist of the King of Brutes arc in Violence Jack. Ruling over a jungle (that once used to be a botanical garden before the Great Kanto Hellquake) with an iron fist, Kibara and his tribe would kill anyone who dared cross his path.

After discovering that Aila Mu and the women from Section C have set up 'The Kingdom of Mu', a village to care for innocent people who find themselves in the area, Kibara mounts an attack on the village, killing everyone except Shingo Hibiki and kidnapping the Section C Women. Shingo prays to a statue that survived the attack, only for Violence Jack to hear his calls for help. Reviving Shingo's tiger with his necromancy, Jack invades Kibara's fort, mercilessly killing Kibara's men before ultimately killing Kibara off-screen, who was later found by Aila to be lying dead under the corpse of one of his war elephants.

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