Crash!! Kekko Kamen vs Muscular Monster The 2st OVA of Kekko Kamen. Its based on some chapters but the characters are different


what happenzEdit

Teacher ben kiyoshi anime ova 2 buff

Ladt time, On Fist of the North Star

Shuwarutsu Negataro with Big Tonail

Its like Clint Walker took rhino roids

Big Tonail has a nightmare of Kekko kamen busting his parts with nunchaku. Later the new gym teacher is a big buff guy who all the girls love. But hes queer. Big Tonail hired himk to get Kekko kamen as hot busty babes cant resist a big muscle man. Teacer Ben wats chix so he goes to do roids work out. While training outside w/o a shirt he notices Kekko Kamen and throws a rock at her (which she dodges). Mayumi Takahashi likes him and faints in his presence. in the nurses room he is nice to her but activates a hand thing that tickles Mayumi and gets her nude(well, in her undies). Toenail Of Satan comes in and watches Mayumi nude and tickled (tickle fetish?!) but Kekko Kamen comes in. Negataro uses his super ability; being really really good looking, and overcomes Kekko kamen with his hotness. she cant take it and jumps out the window like the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz. later after talking to Yuka Chigusa, Kekko Kamen Returns and fights him blindfolded as him and big toenail were broadcasting footage of Mayumi being puppeted around on chains to exercise in da nude and kicks his a55 as she heard his huge muscles moving and countered him. Then jumped crotch 1st into his face to beat him. Then almost busts big tonails crotch, which makes him black out. Teacher Ben comes in all beefy but Kekko Kamen and Mayumi dont care as they like eachother. after a talk, kekko kamen jumps away and mayumi is impressed by Kekko kamens gorgeous nbude body. wtf did I watch!? is this like a p0rn0 but no b0ning?!


Changes from the mangaEdit

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