A dude From Violence Jack who acts like a hentai villain at times but isn't that bad (in the manga). He enjoys doing terrible things to women. Not to be confused with the guy who made Macross.

He as played by Ryuji Nakagi who was also President in Dirty Pair, Geiger's Underling in Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water, Detective Teramachi in Tetsujin 28 (weird as it inspired Go Nagai to make Mazinger), Abe-no-Seimei in Spirit Warrior/Kujaku-Oh/Peacock King and Dagao in Super Dimension Fortress Macross (ep 30)


Jack04 360

Kawamiri is the one who looks the most like Tom Green.

Jack04 424

Just like a sideways pop can!

He was a (mall)cop who was in the building that sunk into the ground and became Evil Town. When it looked like they weren't going live long underground he (and the rest of the men) started raping the supermodels who would later become Section C. After Section C split off, Section A and B lived for six months underground. Kawamori confronted Kurata about his and Kinichi jacking a Ham and he slagged Kinichi(a little girly-boy) and had Sudo bring the body back as a warning to the others(In the manga there was no Kinichi and he let Kuratta go die in Section B. Then Violence Jack was dug up from a stone wall. Kawamori shows him around and when Section B shows up they talk until Section C shows up and reveals that the men of Section A and just as bad as the bikers of Section B so Jack joins Section C. Later, Mad Saulus and his gang start killing off Section A along with the leader of Section A so as to show his joining of Mad Saulus (in the anime he also killed (Sudo and an unarmed Takamatsu). In the manga, he is then stepped on by Mad Saulus like the cockroach he is and killed as can attempted peacemaker.

Anime Extended ActionsEdit

Kawamori Anime

He looks more like an evil Dan Green in here.

Kawamori Anime Dead

Some think that getting penetrated with a long hard rod was a fitting end for him.

In the anime, after he joins Mad Saulus, he catches up with Section C and distracts Rikki by going into the shadows and peeing and Rikki leaves the group to check it out. After she sees him peeing she turns away and gets gang shanked by Section B. The Men (and lesbian Tom Cat) rape Aila Mu. While doing so, Blue stabs him in the back (literally) and kills him (in that order).
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