Kapaeru is a demon from Enma-Kun who helps out Enma-Kun. He's a Kappa who is often the comic relief of the series. For the Enpi-Chan manga chick, see Kapako

70s anime[edit | edit source]

In here he's played by Kaneta Kimotsuki who was Suneo Honekawa in Doraemon, General Draydo in Great Mazinger, Aham in Jungle de Ikou! (Busty!!), Great Briten/007 in Cyborg 009, Conductor in Galaxy Express 999, Grisa in Zatch Bell and Hyoromaru in Ashita No Joe.

70s Manga[edit | edit source]

This totally isn't some weird a55 p0rn0

Kapaeru looks like his Demon Prince Enma Forme

Enma-Daio‏‎ wants to know where his Nephew went. Chapeauji is sent to get him and finds Kapaeru with some Kappa babe who sez Enma-Kun is with Yukikoo-Hime. He goes there and sees her taking an icy bath(won't her nips get hard?) and she sez Enma is on Oni Island. So Chapeauji goes there and Enma-Kun is tormenting Oni and Chapeauji brings him to Enma-Daioh. So Daioh sez there a Huyman world (Ningen Kai?!) where these regular guys called HyuuuManz live and some Yokai got out of h-ll and are f--kin sh-t up and Enma has to bring em back(Totally not like Yu Yu Hakusho or Danny Phantom!!). Also he's got Kapaeru and Yukiko to aid him and is given a Fire Staff. They go through the gate (which has naked chicks statues on it) and on the other side its da moon, which turns back from black and won't open again til the next full moon. They see Tobatiri and he spazzes out over kids flying

In Chapter 2 they meet Draculaura Daracula, a Vampire who was sent to fight Yokai but got f'd by da human world and forgot how to drink blood. Now he's a drunk like those celebs and he's too f'd to do any good. At the Yokai Academy, Tobatiri is living there and this Yokai Shibire Yanagi starts grabbing him. Daracula comes in asking where Hebi-Tsubo is. Hebi finds out Emna Kun is after him and has a grudge against ENMA dAIOH AND will settle for Enma-Kun. Daracula wants Hebi's Drool to get drunk off of and Hebi needs to eat to mAKe Drool so he's gonna eat him! But Enma and friends bust in and Hebi throws Daracula Away. Hebi flies off and Enma sees Yukiko goes commando and she goes after Hebi for revealing her secret! Enma Kun fights Yanagi and cooks him with the fire attack and Yukiko fights Hebi but is overwhelmed and undressed and gonna be eated. Enma surrenders so Yukiko won't be eated annd she uses her ice power to freeze herself and Enma busts Hebi dead. Enma and Kapaeru check out Frozen Yukiko but the snakes wrapped around her cover her Transformers Zones and he cools the ice off her.

In Chapoter 4 at school Tsutomu is locked in the school shed by Tobatiri for being late or something gay and sees Enma and friends. Enma sez Tsutomu is possessed by a Yokai and Tsutomu sez he and his neighbors were being sleepy too much. They wait til night and follow Tsutomu where he blacks out and they find Madoromin, a Yokai who drugs em with sleeping incense. While out, Enma's eyebrows see whats going on and sees a bunch of Yokai putting people in a cauldron and this Yokai Hyakute is sculpting them into weird a55 forms. So Enma and Yukiko are gonna be thrown in and Enma's will to see Yukiko nude wakes him up. The boiling water wakes Yukiko up and she has Enma cling to her IN DA NUDE as she uses her ice power to freeze the water and shatter the cauldron. Enma and Yukiko slag the Yokai and Hyakute bites it b4 revealing the plan and they take the devolved humans to the Yokai Hospital to be fixed. Enma whines about Yukiko wearing ice undies and they see Kapaeru has been mutated.

In Chapter 5 Tsutomu and Harumi Fudo are walking home and Tsutomu sees people w/o faces, including Harumi! Emna and friends say its a Yokai stealing faces and they argue over who's gonna be the bait. Tsutomu does it and later this Yokai Menkui licks his face off and Enma sand Yukiko fight it dead. Everyones faces go back and its happy end.

In Chapter 6 these bees are going around driving people nuts and Tsutomu and Harumi have a test and this dink Gariben thinks he's gonna kick a55 at it. Ms Chiiko did it and Gariben thinks he's gonna ace it! But then a bee stings his head and ret-rds him. Tsutomu goes to Enma Kun and finds they made a subspace pocket under da school and its got a moat that Yukiko freezes so Tsutomu can cross. He tells them about the bees sucking out the nerds brain (like when you get a flu shot and get autism? Is that where this is from??) and they send Tsutomu out and he meets a guy with a face covered by bees! He runs and finds Sunyudo Enma fights him but he blocks with a bee barrier that I Guess is fireproof, and sends the beez! Enma and Yukiko hide in his cape and Kapaeru gets stung a lot. Then a bee gets in Yukiko's Kimono and she don't want the guys to help as they'd just grab her sexy bod. Eventually she asks Enma to help and he grabs her t-ts and starts kinda b0ning her. Sunyudo wants in but they boot him away so hew has a bee suck out Emnma-Kun's brains like StarShip Troopers! Also bees sting her t-ts and they swell up big! So Chapeauji gets her Enmas's staff and cape and she brings Enma Kun back to base as a drooling ret-rd in a diaper (Ohhh the fetish!!). So later Sunyudo attacks again and Yukiko slags him with a super ice attack Z Move as Enmas staff boosts her power. The remaining bees turn normal but the ones with brains in em are too full to fly away. After getting the brains out, they put em in the bodies but f up and Gariben is in Kapaeru's body and goes to see Chiiko, which freaks her out! Also Kapaeru is in Enmas bod.

In Chapter 8 Tobatiri is cr-ppily teaching and Chiiko is stomping around outside and when Tobatiri b--ches at her, she b--ches out and beats his skinny a55! When the kids say "ain't cha bein too hard?" she b--ches out on them and starts beatin em. Was Go Nagai mo lersted as a kid or something?? All his school stuff is f'd!! Her rampage f--ks through the school and Mamii Chan and his big sister at their cr-ppy Pharmacy are dealing with no cash or food and the kids running from Chiiko rush over and bust it down. Tsutomu figgerz somethingz up with chiiko being a total b--ch and goes to see Enma who's doorbell is a daemon head. He fillz in Enma Kun and they go to Kapaeru who's room is water held in place and not flowing out da doore but he's not there. Enmas gonna get Yukiko but when he finds out Chiiko is a thicc babe, he chooses to come himself. After he chex her out he flies off and leaves Tsutomu on a roof where he can't get down cuz he wants to do stuff with dat thicc blonde. Enma don't sense any Yokai but since Chiiko's been b--chin out for 2 days straight he's gonna look in on her life at home. At her big a55 house, a guy trys a sneak attack but she counters and beats his a55 as she pays him to keep her on her toes. She beats her servents and dumps her female servants in hot bath water cuz it was too hot for her and Enma sees a skull mark on her a55 cheek.

In Chapter 9 Enma busts in and Chiiko b--ch slaps Chapeauji off his head and Enma feels her bod but she beats on him with her big t-ts and thicc a55. He takes off his cape to fight as he's not gonna be beat by some human and they fight. She gets a hit in by showing her crotch and kicking him when he looks like in Kekko Kamen and they have a sword fight by using naked chicks as swords. She blacks out from the Dokuro thing and Chapeauji sez on the 3rd night she's gonna get eated. so the next night Enma, Yukiko and Kapaeru bone up on Dokuro's lore and how bada55 he is

In Chapter 10 enma is j-rkin around and Yukiko sez be srs and they come up with a plan like Yukiko disguising herself as Chiiko and he checks out her a55 to put the skull mark on it Then a page made by Go Nagai's assistant as he had nothing to do and its good art. then they go over to Chiiko's McMansion and he uses his X Ray Eyes to see her IN BED!!

In Chapter 11 they go into Chiiko's place and find she sleeps in a loincloth and NOTHING ELSE (Hay!! I do that! But I wear speedo Briefs!) and Enma and Kapaeru try to take it off for Yukiko to wear. She gets p-ssed and tells em she'll do it and tells em to GTFO. As she takes it off, Chiiko wakes up but it might just be Yukiko's imagination and she takes it off more. Then Chiiko wakes up again as Yukiko trys to get it out from under her thicc bunz but falls back asleep. Enma and Kapaeru X Ray Vision look at Yukiko changing and comment on her bod.

For Chapter 12 it starts with Dokuro b--ching about how he's not really featured in his own saga and Yukiko is wearing the loincloth and calls for Enma who busts in the window. Yukiko wants to move Chiiko somewherew safe but Enma wants to see her in the Loincloth and keeps calling for it until she relents. Dokuro whines about not being in his own story and its almost over and enma sez sorry for going over the top on checking her out. Man if this came out today, the feminazies would call it "toxic" or "Problematic" or other buzz words they throw around to silence anything cool. so she wants to go back to the Daemon Realm and Enma tries top life the bedsheets to get a photo of her to show everyone if she goes back. But he sez he already too many pix of it and they go to move Chiiko. But find Yukiko put a night gown on her. So after like 6 chapters, Dokuro comes in and After much sizzle and flash, Enma takes him out with 1 bonk on the head. Oh and he and Yukiko patch things up.

In Chapter 13 Tobatiri is teaching gym and b--ches at Tsutomu over being late changing his clothes cuz its cold. He sez he's just wearing regular undies but his legs spread apart and pants rip and he's got several layers of long johns that rip and his MAN PARTS come out. Tsutomu tells Enma and friends about it and they figger its the Crotch Splitter and plan to use Kapaeru as he's stretchy. So K-man goes out to attact the Crotch Splitter and no one goes for him, but yUKIKO GETS HER CVROTCH SPREAD and Enma checks out Yukiko's crotch as she's going commando. Crotch Spreader appears and sez if they don't disband the Demon Patrol and return to the Demon Realm, he'd split Yukiko in 2! Enma sez it wouldn't be so bad, then splits him in 2 with his fire attack! Yukiko then gets p-ssed at him for saying to split her even though it was just a fake out

In Chapter 14 there's no activity for a while and Kapaeru and Enma decide to go on a trip and get some booze and h--kers. They go to ask Yukiko who's taking a bath and check her out in her -14 C room. Eventually they freeze and Yukiko catches em as she's skating on the ice bath. So after they thaw out and get a cold, they take a train to some snowy place: Hirayama Ice Skating Pond! Tobatiri is there and f--kin up skating and Enma senses a yokai knocking him around. Enma anbd friends get bumped around and the Yokaiu reveals himself: Headbutt! A Yokai with an a55 coming outta his skull(Like Professor Monkey For A Head from Earthworm Jim??)! Also he's an old rival from School for Enma and wears a Hachimaki as a Fundoshi(Headband like a thong) and his horns are shaped like legs and the 3rd is a ding d0ng under the thong. But he admits he's got a crush on Yukiko Hime and Yukiko thinks its charming. But she don't wanna be with him as he's too weird. He takes off his headband thong ands reveals he's got man parts comming outta his head and everyone laughs and he returns to the demon world.

In Chapter 15 this Popout Demon sez hes gonna be a big thing and trys to scare Tobatiri by jummping out when he's walking him, but Tobatiri just thinks he's delirious and laughs. Later, Enma Kun and Kapaeru are working out and go to get Yukiko who's sleeping. They whip off her ice sheet and find she's sleeping nude. she freaks out even though she's been seen nude plenty of times and Popout Demon scares the 3 kids who wanted punishment from Chiiko b4. So Yukiko confronts Enma kun over his acts and he trys to maker up for it by showing his parts to make it even(Thats p0rn0 logic). she beats on him and Kapaeru as Popout Demon b--ches about the Demon Patrol not showing up despite him scaring guys and goes home. Later Yukiko sez sorry for the beating and kisses Enma kun better.

In Chapter 16 enma kun is not pleased by the cold weather as he likes it hot and wants to stay in today. so Yukiko hime goes out on her own and brings back a cat that set off Enma kun's eyebrows. Yukiko goes to sleep and the cat goes into her dreams and Enma goes in to her room hoping she'd be glad he saved her like the curvy blonde princess in Dragons Lair (But Eve is the Hottest chick in that series). Kapaeru wants to be a hero and get the princess too but Enma kun bops him for being a t-rd. They go in and find she's got a demon in her head and f--king her dreams and they gotta save her from the demon cat parasite. Kapaeru suggest the snow White method of kissing a dead girl awake and Kapaeru wants to do it but gets another bop. As they bicker, Chapeauji trys a kiss but nothing happens. Chapeauji sez to try Doctor Demon (Wasn't that Dr. Hell's name in one dub of Mazinger Z?) and they go to him as Yukiko is attacked by demon cats in her dream. Chapeauji sez Enma Daioh pardoned Dr Demon of his crimes and let him life in the human Realm and he settled down and got more peaceful and made more science breakthroughs. they go to him and find he looks melted as his experiment made him look closer to human but still he's f'd. Chapeauji sez demons are divided into Human, Bestial, Floral, Mineral and others and Hybrid types so some look more like humans than others. Dr sez for 300 years he was head priest of the demon temple here (This is sounding like Urotuskidoji) and sez the only way to save Yukiko is to wake her up so the dream ends and the demon cat is booted out. Yukiko dreams of the cat slicing her and Enma comes back and take off her covers and outfit and smacks her around and whips her. But Chapeauji sez its not gonna work. Kaspaeru licks he wounds with his long tongue and Enma kun tickles her and the cat comes out and her cooks it like a chinese bbq. Yukiko then comes at Enma with his whip for beating her a55 when she as out.

In Chapter 17 it starts with Yukiko working out andd worrying about chubbin up and can't stand fatness. Then Tsutomu shows up and is fat as f--k! no one recognizes him and he explains s new fata55 kid named Ushibuta came in and they got along. but on the way home, he told Tsutomu that he don't like him for being too thin and hugged him to infect him with fata55ery. Chapeauji sez its Goro Goro: A Daemon who turns others fat. Yukiko don't wanna be the bait as she's racist against fatness(Look urself up on Deviant art b--ch! Body Expansion!!!) but does it to help Tsutomu (But don't wanna touch him as he's fat and gross). Later she is running in the park and Goro Goro comes for her and beats his head in with his long hard rod. Emna asks how to reverse the enfattening and is told the only way is to work it off and Enma trains p0rkA55 Tsutomu like Little Mac and the black guy.

In Chapter 18 Tobatiri is running to work and keeps slipping even though theres no ice. After waiting for his skinny a55 at school, Tsutomu goes out and slips. He goes to Enma kun and Chapeauji don't know who's dooin it. Everyone is crawling around like slugs to avoid slipping and Enma flys carrying his homies and Kapaeru falls off. They find its Sutten Doji a past homie of Enma Kun who was behind it and his leg growth was stunted so he's a midget kinda. He got tired of people being above him so he made them bow with his power. Enma kun slices him open and his guts spill out and and Chapeauji jams his hat into em to count as making love with em. Jk. Really he agrees to stop and go back home. The kids figger out they can walk and run to school and trample Tobatiri.

In Chapter 19 Enma and friends are skiing and a Yokai makes an avalanche and f--ks em up. In a cabin a guy sez they had a few avalanches l8ly and Yukiko goes out to stop the Avalanche Babby as he's a member of the Yuki Onna Klan and Enma will burn him up. When she finds him, he wants to do more avalanches but she reveals she's on the Demon patrol and she can't let him do this. He don't wanna go back and trys to kill Yukiko with an avalanche. then Enma Kun comes in to slag him and he melts b4 Enma's staff does anything. He digs for Yukiko and finds her clothes but she slips em on while he digs and shows up behind him fully dressed

In Chapter 20 Enma kun is spinning his staff around and they go out on patrol wishing to fight a real challenge. Then Flame Tengu shows up to answer the challenge! As Tengu as up there with Dragons in power levels, Enma's f--ked!! He blasts em with the heat weave fan and Yukiko can't take it so they hide inside! Chapeauji sez Tengu are not malcontents and are respected and should be the Demon Patrol's homies, so someone did something to f--k em. Enma takes Yukiko's clothes off and puts her in her frozen pool as she's burned and she revives. She suggests getting someone to beat the Tengu and the only ones strong enuff would be Enma Daioh (who's too busy) and a Dragon (Which would f--k Japan up) so they figger they need another Tengu. Yukiko uses an Ice Mirror to call her Klans Guardian the Frost Tengu who agrees to help. There's an offscreen battle thats epic I hear and Yukiko gets back at Enma Kun by getting him nude in the now cold manor. But then the Fire Tengu turns on the heat and Enma punishes Yukiko for it. After some see sawing of this, the temp goes back to normal and the Flame Tengu sez the Frost Tengu has sorted things out. Now they both are gonna bust the Demon Patrol! Enma faces off against em and they summon Squid Tengu, Shrinp Tengu and Toroko Tengu to fight. Enma takes em out easy and the Tengu go and Yukiko crushes Enma kun under a huge a55 block of ice.

In Chapter 21 it starts with naked people in Hell and being tortured to get Psycho Energy. But the demand for it is more than the supply and there's an energy crisis. Longer human lifespans and of demons mean there's too much population down there and not enuff coming in. Enma-Daio summons the Demon Patrol team who's now grown up and sexy (Abominous in Kapareru's case) and he tells em humans having cushy lives means they give less psycho energy and they need more evil people commin down. So they go to da Human Realm and go around slagging a lot of people in fire bursts in Tokyo, An ice storm in soviet new york, and Kapaeru icing chix in a bath house (was he b0ning em dead?!). So the energy crisis is saved by killing a lot of people (just like the liberals want) but the treaty h-ll has with Heaven is violated as Heaven also needs Psycho Energy and this can lead to total war. In Heaven everyones b0ning (is this the 72 virgins?) and Nantomo from Iyahaya Nantomo is there, as seems to be Taikyokuken. But there's not enuff souls going to Heaven to keep the Psycho Energy up. Also its made by b0ning. God says there must be a balance of good and evil and if theres too much evil its bad. Also there's no interference allowed and the demons have been interfering. And by Enma and friends slaggging innocent guys in cold blood, it makes em negative and they go to H E Double England! God is gonna go to war but decides to turn the trio to Heaven's side with Mark the Angel, Princess Hagoromo and Mikaeru. Tobatiri is out and sees money on the floor. He pix it up and thinks about keeping it, but don't. But cuz he touched it, Enma Kun slags him to cinders. Then, all at the same time, Enma, Yukiko and Kapaeru are seduced. Enma notices Hagoromo smells heavenly,m and that gets him to realize its a trap (And not that she's got a ding d0ng) and overcomes his lust (He's probably gonna j-rk off to it later tho) and she goes back to Heaven. He goes to save Yukiko who's being kinda b0ned by Mark (Oh hai Mark! Hao eez yoor secks laif?) and nails him in da a55 and he flies off saying if they just saubmitted then it would've prevented war, but now its on! Yukiko sez sorry for being seduced by a hot blonde and they see Kapaeru going up to Heaven to be an Angel. Oh and Yukiko is lookin THICC with those buns!! The End!!

Srs 00s anime[edit | edit source]

which is more disturbing? this or his violence jack forme?

In here he's done by Setsuji Sato who was Gai Usui in Cardfight Vanguard, Cyborg 007 / Great Britain in Cyborg 009 Call of Justice, Glasses Mob in Devilman Crybaby, Zapper in Dinosaur King, Yasaka in Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis, Kandachi in Naruto Shippuden and Joseph Yaht in Turn A Gundam.

silly 2010s anime[edit | edit source]

needz moar enpi!

In here he's played by Takehito Koyasu who was Rei in Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage, Shingo Yabuki in The King of Fighters, Dr. Kyoji Ogami in Amazing Nurse Nanako (Hot), Beast Titan in Attack on Titan, Yoshida Kouji in Bakuman, Kayin Amoh in Battle Arena Toshinden(which had a good GB game), Daidouji in Betblade Metal faeggit, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo(coolz), Tosaka in Naruto GT Boruto, Biomon in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, Shigeru Aoba in Evangelion (Gayyyyyyyyy!!), Liú Fēi-Yàn in Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis(bada55), Scar's Brother in FMA Brotherhood (Did he lose his parts in this 1 too?), Shinsuke Takasugi in Gintama, Sakano in Gravitation (Gayyyyyy!!), Ryousuke Takahashi in Initial D, Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Utsunomiya Takayuki in Kiss in the Dark (Moar Yaoi!!), To Ryuga in Mahoromantic, Alucard von Mosquiton in Master of Mosquiton (was that a p0rn0?), Dr. Belliman in Mobile Fighter G Gundam(dat rain), Mu La Flaga in Gundam Seed (One of the less gay ones), Zechs Merquise / Milliardo Peacecraft in Gundam Wing (Still straighter than most stuff today), Reda in Mon Colle Knights (Hot!), Young Man in My Sexual Harassment (a gay p0rn0), Kenshiro in New Fist of the North Star(This ungays his record), Seimei Abe in New Getter Robo‏‎, Aokiji in One Piece, Nigun Grid Luin in Overlord, Dr. Okabe in Rei Rei (A gender swap p0ern0), Touga Kiryuu in Revolutionary Girl Utena (which is queer), someone in Riki-Oh OAV 1 (He's straight again), Nazo Koumori in Rosario + Vampire, Mitsurugi Hanagata in Saber Marionette J, Sarutobi Sasuke in Sengoku Basara, Kururu in SGT Frog, Rezo in Slayers, Excalibur in Soul Eater, Hearts in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Yosho in Tenchi Muyo!, Convoy./Burning Convoy/Optimus Primal in Transformers: Beast Wars II: The Movie, Gym Ghingham in Turn A Gundam, Dr. Crimt in Voogies Angel (Which was hot), Sandra in Wedding Peach (Also hot), Nurarihyon in Yo-Kai Watch, Arkana in Yugioh and Satorious in Yugioh GX

Cameo's[edit | edit source]

Put some undies on Yuki! What are you?! That chick from Degrassi?

  • In Violence Jack The Enma-Kun cast shows up as realistic humans or w/e. In here he's a SCUBA guy and meets with Yukiko and Enma and later trys to make out with Yukihime's crotch. He later spray's a naked chick who catches with with her fangry mouth with his SCUBA mask and she turns bad skin. Later he appears to go full kappa and f's female violence jack and she busts through him and crawls out his back covered in his blood and guts. Its pretty bad a55. You wont see those fruits from Yugioh Arc-V being awesome like dat. They just go emo and b--ch about their friendships or how their pendulum cards s-ck. Where was I? Something about naked chix or something.
  • In Delinquent in Drag he shows up when Sukeban is fighting Tochinta Tomoe

Pochi, Histler and Kapaeru? Never thought they'd be together!

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