He is the younger bro of Seiji Hayami He likes Honey Kisaragi and feeling her DD cups/looking up her mini-dress. His gal pal Mami-chan doesn't like it when he lusts for Honey and gets mad at his when he shows interest in Honey(wtf?! a female who...LIKES MEN in Cutey Honey?!?!?!?! Isn't it about lesbians?!?!). He also may/may not be the father of Chokkei Hayami in Shin Cutey Honey.

Manga actionsEdit

QTHoney-02 032

His proudest moment

In the manga he 1st meets Honey at the hospital is totally into her(like all guys/girls in this series). Later He and Danbei Hayami find a statue that looks like honey so they mo lest it. turns out, its honey in disguise and she gets p-ssed at em. makes sense. After honey's school gets f'd by Panther Claw she lives with da hayami's and they keep coming in on her while she's taking a bath... IN DA NUDE!!! After honey beats Sister Jill they show up at the end of the manga and find honey nude again. oh Go Nagai... you and your lusts for sexy curvy naked chix.

Anime StuffEdit

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In here he was voiced by Kazuko Sawada who was also Sabu in Violence Jack Harlem Bomber and Groizer-X, Lala in Devilman TV, Shiro Kabuto in Mazinger Z and Kobanzame (ep 9); Shishimai (ep 25); Toragozen (ep 25) in Dororon Enma-kun and Goro Makiba and Lady Gandal in UFO Robo Grendizer.

Cutie Honey UniverseEdit

Danbei an Junpei Hayami Universe

I got a friend who likes small guys and taller blondes. He'd like this.

In here he was voiced by Yuka Terasaki who was Luca in Yugioh 5Ds, Zushi in Hunter x Hunter (From 20xx), kid Itachio Uchida in Naruto Shippuden (Ninja! Ninja! Rock the ninja! Ninja butt Z!), Heinz Nerich Windermere in Macross Delta (Robotech was better!), Katsuma Shimano in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Hero! Hero! Rock the Hero! Hero Butt Z!!) and Ash Ketchum's Onbat(I don'y know its American name) in the XYZ Pokémon.

In the dub she's voiced by Amber Lee Connors who was Nozomi Kaminashi in Keijo!!!!!!!! (The butt hammering anime), Seira in One Piece, Sayuri Tsuji in Junji Ito Collection (Oh f--k that guy is f'd), Ms Joke in My Hero Academia, Brandish in Fairu Tale, Dercori in Dragon Ball Super(Make DBAF!! Wait! Don't!! They'd F--k it up now!!), Cutter Claw in Cutie Honey Universe and Android 18 in DBZ Abridged.


He's highly based off of Kichiza Abashiri except hes not a remorseless killer with explosive clothes. He's pretty lusty for Honey though(but who isn't??)


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