Joker (Called Guro The Drifter in da manga) is a knife psycho and a member of the Hell's Wind biker gang


Joker anime

Man they totally redesigned him from the manga

Joker Dead

He who lives by the swordKnife, dies by the swordKnife

In Violence Jack Hell's Wind‏‎ he and his droogs attack Hope Town and slags a buncha innocents. Gokumon feels Keiko's t-ts until Dante has Joker cut off her clothes with a big a55 knife. Just as Joker is taking off her white undies with his big blade, Jun attacks and they retreat with Gokumon carrying nearly nude Keiko. After driving a while they run into Violence Jack (Character) an stop. After Dante sends a few Kamikaze bikers to no effect, they just shoot him for 50 seconds straight (yes, I timed it) and drive by after he falls. They go to their base, an airport military base thing(united states air force yotoka air base) and tie Keijo I mean Keiko to a fighter jet in her undies. Jun tries to save Keiko (which to yuri fans means they wanna b0ne) but the gang surrounds her and catches her. They tie her up and Joker cuts off her top. Burt then Jack comes in and gets a headshot on Joker, then pops outta the ground(wait, if he was underground, how'd he throw the knife into him?). And the... He died... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


Jack02 489

Ehh, in da anime it was more hard core.

Here him and his h-lls hwind homies attack hope town and he suggests attacking Sabu's fams sake shop. when another member notices Keiko, after a full day of raeping killing and beatings, he cuts off keiko's clothes while saying he was in a circus knife throwing thing and killed some people (this is like that Midori/Shojo Tsubaki anime?) Jun comes in and blows some of em apart with bob omb arrows. So Gokumon and Joker Guro the drifter take keijo away. They encounter Violence Jack and Dante challenges him. Joker Guro the drifter bets on dante and Gokumon bets on jack as he wants to face jack next. Jack and Dante fight and Jacks sliced but knocks dante off his bike. as jack moves in for the kill, Joker Guro the drifter uses his magnum on jack and takes him down. they escape jun but prepare a trap where gokumon hides in a crack in the ground and jumps up as jun drives by, grabs her front motorcycle where WITH HIS F--KIN BARE HANDS and THROWS HER MOTORBIKE AWAY. to punish her for taking their biker gang down to 6 members, they tie her up naked, hang her above a fire and gokumon whips her naked body all over(is this... a p0rn0??). Joker Guro the drifter is gonna knife her creamy thighs so when she falls in the fire she cant get escape. but jack slags him. then jack busts in, snaps gokumons neck with his bare hands(so much for taking him on after dante) and stomps dante back to h-ll.

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