Yeah its not realistic. but its AWESOME!

Violence JackEdit


Black guys always get it in horror movies

Yo homie, this is Jim Mazinger. He's a kung fu blind black guy with much in common with Mazinger Z. He has a kid named Koji ride on his head and help him fight somehow. His group is in a fight with a Dr. Hell guy who sends a Baron Ashura guy/girl after him. but Jimmy has 2 naked chicks/bodybuilders based on Aphrodite A and Diana A and a Sayaka Yumi chick who's not a bodybuilder (imagine Sayaka as a buff naked chick! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!). So Jimmy boy fights not-Ashura and a Count Brocken guy whjo turns out to be a Viscount Pygman guy. and Pygman busts a few caps in his a55 head. But the buff babes avenge him. a Kenzo Kabuto guy takes out the Dr. Hell guy and pulls out his heart like in Indiana jones (I never saw the 80s ones). then he's buried and the Mazinger gang remember him. oh yeah and Violence Jack (Character) and Mondo Saotome and Tatsuma Mido are in here for a few scenes. they don't do much.

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z HenEdit

Here hes a disguise by Viscount Pygman or something.

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