I covered her nips and it don't show her crotch. Don't delete this you c-ck suckers!


WTF. A good ending?! Go Nagai must have been in a good mood that day.

Jannu (Or Jean/Joan/Jeanne/however the frenchies and normal people say it, the joan of arc chick) was the daughter of the Slum King who he kept chained up at ber brother Zubaban‏‎'s Castle. So this wiener guy comes in and is charged with looking after her (Like Kurata Ohnami and Jun Asuka). Also I think the Slum King chopped up her mom. So she's kept chained up but wears a real suit of armor and not some battle bikini like Chichi in dragon ball and the wiener guy comforts her. He also helps hose her off and under her armor she's all beefy and sexy (Like Kurata Ohnami and Jun Asuka). He also washes out her crotch and she likes it. Later she has a nightmare or viet nam flashback to her mom being chopped up and goes berserk but the wiener guy stops her with a kiss (Like Honey Kisaragi and Natsuko Aki in Re: Cutie Honey). Then they b0ne as theres also a huge violent battle going on at the same time but its not f--king stupid like Passchendaele by Paul Gross where him and his German GF were b0ning in a WW1 battlefield. After the battle, they get away and go off for a happy ending or w/e. (Like Kurata Ohnami and Jun Asuka)


  • She's based on Joan of Arc which is ironic as the Slum King is part daemon and the real Joan was a Saint who fought for God.
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