Honey Kisaragi / Cutie Honey
Kanji 如月ハニー
Romaji Kisaragi Hanī
Kyūtī Hanī
Series Cutie Honey
Debut Manga:Volume 1, Chapter 1
Gender Female
Age 16-27
Race Android
Affiliation Saint Chapel
Family Takeshi Kisaragi (father)
Honey Asuka (Violence Jack counterpart)
Hitomi Kisaragi (Cutie Honey: Tears counterpart)
Other Appearances Kekko Kamen
CB Chara Go Nagai World

Honey Kisaragi is the main character of the Cutie Honey franchise.


She is a regular schoolgirl, until the day her father is murdered by the "Panther Claw" organization. After his death, she learns she is actually an android created by him and within her is a device that can "create matter from the air" With her cry of "Honey Flash!" she can use the device to transform into the sword-wielding red-haired superhero, Cutie Honey. This device, or similar devices, have been used to explain her powers in all later Honey versions.

While attending the Saint Chapel School for Girls, Honey seeks revenge against the Panther Claw, which is ruled by an ancient primordial evil known as Panther Zora and her younger sibling Sister Jill. Zora wants "the rarest items in the world" and seeks Honey's device, while Jill, leader of the group's division in Japan, "only wants the finest riches" and has a crush on Honey. Honey's best friend at school is the cute, freckle-faced Aki "Nat-chan" Natsuko. In the manga, Nat-chan, as well as the other students, had a crush on Honey; this crush was downplayed in the TV series.

Honey is aided in her quest by Danbei Hayami and his two sons, journalist Seiji Hayami and young Junpei Hayami.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

She is capable of super speed, super athletic, high resistance to extreme temperatures and superhuman strength. She posses the Element Change Device which gives the ability to use the various transformations. Hurricane Honey makes her capable of driving or piloting any man-made vehicle. Her other transformations are Idol Honey, Flash Honey, Misty Honey and Flash Honey. In her main Cutie Honey transformation she uses a sword and uses her Silver Fleurette Honey Boomerang and is capable of using Honey Storm.


Cutie Honey (manga)Edit

Cutie Honey '73Edit

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Honey is a 16 yr. old girl who discovers she is an android after her father is killed. Inside of her body is the device known as the Fixed System of Air Elements. With it, she can change into any persona she desires. Honey uses it to get revenge on Panther Claw. She is portrayed as a very mischievous and fun girl, often sneaking out of school, and pulling pranks on her teachers. Even in battle, she loves to toy with and tease her enemies. Honey also cares deeply about those around her, and grows a strong bond with the Hayami Family.

New Cutey HoneyEdit

New cutey honey 4

Honey taking a bubble bath in the intro of New Cutey Honey

Set one hundred years after the events of the original 1973 Cutey Honey TV series,[2] in the fictional Cosplay City in a dystopian future. Honey has lost all her memories, and is working as the Mayor's secretary. When her secret is revealed by Danbei Hayami, she regains her memories and battles once again as Cutey Honey.

Cutey Honey FlashEdit

A shojo remake of the original 1973 series. In this version, Honey's father is kidnapped by the evil Panther Claw on her 16th birthday. A mysterious man named the Twilight Prince appeared, and gave a choker and bracelet. With these tools, she was able to become Cutey Honey. With the assistance of detective Seiji Hayami, Honey battles to save her father.

Cutie Honey (live-action film)Edit

Re: Cutie HoneyEdit

Re Cutey Honey3-31

Honey in her Cutie Honey form, as portrayed in the OVA Re: Cutie Honey.

Here, Takeshi Kisaragi made Honey to replace his daughter. or Honey was his daughter repaired by his experiments. He used the nano machines for Sister Jill to revive his daughter who died in an accident. She fights Panther Claw but struggles with Gold Claw. needing Natsuko Aki's help. She also becomes friends with Seiji Hayami, who knows more than he leads on. Honey works for the office played by Bin Shimada and knows the janitor Kyoko Izumiya. After Scarlet Claw uses Cobalt Claw to infect Honey with Nano Machines, Nat-chan (Natsuko) comes to her aid. Honey takes out the 4 emperors of Panther Claw and faces Sister Jill but the butler turns out to be a robot of her dad, who convinces Honey to work with Jill. They fuse into some weird a55 Mao Dante abomination with naked honey in its head. that Nat-chan frees her by doing a mouth to mouth insertion of the nano machine cure. Honey returns, destroys the imitation of her father, defeats Sister Jill, and saves Japan Honey and Natsuko then begin a detective agency together.

Cutie Honey: The LiveEdit

Cutie Honey UniverseEdit

Cutie Honey vs Devilman LadyEdit

Honey Kisaragi Natsuko Aki and Scarlet Hamano in Cutey Honey Vs Devilman Lady

no Weinstein! I don't consent!

In here she wakes up hearing Nat-Chan screaming froom seeing something outside the window when gaying out with Scarlet Hamano. Later, a new teacher comes in: Jun Fudo!! Later Jun becomes the head of Honey's dorm to replace Miharu Tsuneni (She's just replacing all the lesbianoes in here, aint she? What next? Principle Pochi?!) and chats with Honey about Natsuko Aki screaming over a peeper on da 3rd floor window. Then hears Natchan screaming. Jun turns demon and busts in like Kekko Kamen and fights a Devil Beast off but it escapes and she almost fights Cutey Honey. After trying to escape, she turns back to human mode IN DA NUDE and when they almost meet, their senses detect each other and Honey turns back to human mode. Wtf! She has an outfit?! Wasn't she just bare a55 naked??? Oh, she hid clothes there just in case. How Batman! After word spreads of the monster attack like its Urotsukidoji or w/e, Honey comforts Nat-chan and meets Ichigo Koyama who's a reval to Scarlet in Rhythmic Gymnastics (More Urotsukidoji!!). Later, its night and Ichigo Koyama is b--ching out over her lust for Natsuko and wanting to shred her nips and turns into a monster, which triggers Jun to transform, who's roar warns Honey who wants to fight but has to deal with a freaked out Natsuko. But Scarlet comes in, p-ssed that Natchan is hugging a thicc babe like Honey and Natchan explains she was just scared. Scarlet buys it but starts grabbing Honey's b00bs and talking about how big they are compared to Natchan's, then rips her night gown open to get a good look at em and compliments their rich shape. Later after Ichigo is J FK'd by Lan Asuka's group, word has it she's left to study abroad and Honey and Nat watch Scarlet do gymnastics like Akemi from Urotsukidoji and Scarlet is malcontent over honey spending time with Nat. Later, Natsuko is writing a diary and sayz Scarlet scares her(Is this one of those very special episodes about domestic violence that's pretty common among queers?) and a tentacle monster busts in and captures Nat. hiney transforms and Unicorn Panther is watching and sees the light and says to attack. Honey fights the tentacle monster which is revealed to be Scarlet and leads her through the woods to let it drop Natchan but Jun in beast mode attax Scarlet and says she's on honey;s side. Honey geos back to save Natsuko but Panther Claw has her and Unicorn Panther sneak attacks Honey and wounds her. Honey fightd with her top ripped off and her large b00bz on full display but the Panther claw grunts are revealed to be humans who's brains were put into robot bodies. Honey slices em up as killing people brains in robots is ok but killing humans in flesh bodies is not for some gay reason. Unicorn Panther fires off her horn of the unicorn and penetrants Honey through the torso and is about to finish her. But Scarlet rampages in, slags the PC goons and in the chaos, Honey pulls out the horn an heals herself with a Honey Flash! Jun and Honey waste Scarlet and Unicorn and Juns' transformation wears off like a b0ner when you realize lancer from Robotech is a dude, and honey sees her secret identity. Honey gives her clothes with a Hooney Flash and reveals she is Honey Kisaragi and they say the sunrise is beautiful and with them fighting evil, it will be beautiful forever(until Devil Lady goes into its final chapters and the world gets f--ked).


Kekko honey

Honey in her school uniform.




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