Ryo's previously unmentioned sister who was in America for a while. She is a crackerjack shot with a revolver and practices on bottles while wearing only a holster for her gun.She tries to find Ryo in Japan with the help of her 6 friends who have a familiar look to them. She has dreams that reveal to the readers what happened to Ryo and some reveal important plot points.


After a few adventures searching for Ryo, they bomb the Slum King's castle and later try to save Ryo. But they all get killed trying. Her and her friends resemble the 7 main forms of Cutey Honey from the 70s TV show and have some relation to each form in appearance (like Flash Honey being a photographer. Or Cutey Honey being a fencer. Other forms like Misty Honey being a body builder make less sense). In the final volume, Honey and friends break into Slum King's castle and all of them die in painful ways. Honey dies from being fried in an energy barrier when she runs up to save naked amputee Ryo and her skintight suit gets burned off (a subtle tribute to Honey Kisaragi's outfit disintegrating during a nude henshin). After all the Honey's are dead they somehow become Angel Honey for some reason.


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