Basic InfoEdit


Mohawk? Muscles? Murderous? Just like Zeed from Episode 1 of Hokuto no Ken!

He is a human male from Abashiri Family who teaches at St. Paradice School. Like most teachers at there, he is a psycho killer and likes beheading people with an Axe or Tomahawk or something like that. He has a dark mohawk and a scar on the left side of his head and wears a yellowish sleeveless tunic like thing that covers about as much leg as a Sailor Moon miniskirt (well, a bit more actually) with a belt and sandels. Oh and he is muscular like the Hokuto no Ken dudes.

What he does in the animeEdit

He appears in OVA 3 and is the one who chopped off Chidoro's head/part of arm and carrys the arm piece with hand in his mouth. He does nothing of interest brfore or after he wacks Chidoro and doesn't even have any background scenes or cameos in the OVA's.

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